Leeds Castle & Lady Baillie

or a funny thing happened walking through the castle

It was a nice, sunny day in August, 2015 and the coach trip outing for the day was to Leeds Castle in Kent. The Castle is an interesting place to visit and has extensive grounds.
This little story is about something that occurred while I was walking through the rooms.
One of the rooms has a time-line of the Castle's history; who owned it and who lived there. Towards the end of the time-line there is a photo of Lady Baillie, who was responsible for opening it to the public.
I spent some time looking at her photo, taken in 1931, thinking she was a good looking woman.
Leaving the room I heard a voice, in a disappointed manner, say "You didn't take my picture." I replied: "No, I didn't, did I" and promptly went back and took a picture of the photo with my mobile phone also, for good measure, I made a document scan as well.
Having satisfied the request to 'take my picture' I left the room. Almost at the same spot the voice, now more cheerful, said: "You could put it on your web site" to which I replied: "Yes, I could, couldn't I." Then I thought about what that might be for and got the feeling of 'wait and see.'
This is the web page and you are reading it; I have some thoughts as to what it might be about but - will wait and see.

Here are some links: Leeds Castle - Lady Baillie

This is the photo I was looking at.

Lady Baillie

For me there is nothing strange in hearing a discarnate voice. While it does not occur too often I wouldn't class it as unusual. Was it Lady Baillie? I don't know as whoever it was never said "Oh, I am Lady Baillie and you are looking at my picture, etc." I just assumed it was her as I was sending out thoughts looking at her picture, thinking she was good looking and 1931 was before I was born. I am told if you think of a person who has 'gone on' they know about it, also it was her home so natural that she should be there and interested in what is going on now; it was her that opened it to the public.
Reading about her life I find she used to invite lots of important people to stay at the Castle: Politicians, Film Stars, Writers, etc. I am beginning to think a link with her may lead to links with other interesting people that she knew. Occasionally I give the address in a church and somebody from the 'other side' may link in ('overshadow' is the technical term) and give the address, which I listen to as does everybody else. It may be, for example, Churchill will one day come and speak; now that would be interesting, wouldn't it?
Incidentally some of the staff have mentioned they are aware of a 'presence.'