Hymns for Singing CDs

A solution for the Church, Organisation or Home
that does not have a musician or instrument.

Each tune has the number of verses for the most commonly used words.

The arrangements consist of Organ, String Quartet and Solo Instruments.
Each verse has a different combination of instruments; no two verses are alike.

There is no singing on these CDs; only music. This means that the tunes can be used for other hymns that have the same 'metre' - number of syllables per line - bearing in mind the number of verses played.

The arranger has been an Organist for over 50 years,
playing both Classical, Theatre and Electronic instruments.
This experience has been used in the creation of these CDs.

Note: These tunes are traditional hymn tunes taken from various, long established, hymn books. There are no 'modern' tunes.

Benefits of a CD are:

  • Excellent stereo sound quality.
  • Will not wear out or stretch.
  • No searching for the required hymn.
  • Just dial the track number and press play.
  • Easy storage

CDs are 13 pounds sterling each
including post in the UK.

Please inquire for postage to other countries.
Direct Bank payments accepted if arranged beforehand.

Also available for each CD is an unfolded, unstapled Hymn Book, which is intended for you to photocopy. These are 4 pounds each.

Folded, stapled Hymn Books can be provided - email for details.

Further inquiries to

If you would like to talk about the CDs call
01993 852220 or mobile 07909 856148 (UK)

If you are only interested in one or two tracks email me.

John is currently organist at the Cowley Road Spiritualist Church, Oxford
and St Lawrence, Hinksey, Oxford.

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