If you have attended a clairvoyant evening you will know that a good knowledge of your family background is useful. Messages may be received from people who are your ancestors and, while they may know who you are, you have no idea of their life on earth and their relationship to you. This seems to be even more so nowadays with families being split up and no longer living in the same area as they did in years gone by. Also, so I have found, many people do not know who one, or both, of their parents were. Some people do not want to know anything about their family history. Families break up for more reasons than distance and Spirit is always sad about this. I have often listened to messages regretting some family break up asking those who are left on the earth to put it right.

My father was a methodical man having worked with the Ministry of Labour (Civil Service) most of his life. He started working in the Cotton Mills in the Rossendle Valley, Lancashire, his home town being Bacup. He got involved with 'paperwork' during his time in the Army during the 1st World War and may have carried on in the 'Civil Service' when he was demobbed. I was born in Bacup but moved to Oxford when I was four years old due to a promotion my father received for which he had to move office.

Among the things that he kept were papers regarding his enlistment in the Army during World War One; also known as the Great War.

Among these papers is a letter from a Brother, which I did not know about, to my father about 'joining up'. I consider it interesting and thought you might also.

It is four pages long and I have typed out the words on the 5th page. The described list of items issued to a soldier upon enlistment is interesting.

Also here is an A4 typed 'newspaper' published by the Northern Daily Telegraph in 1946 which is headed 'Special News Bulletin' and cost 1d (one penny in old money). You will notice that, however bad things may be, there is always mention of Sport.

I have no idea, yet, if these papers have any historical value and would appreciate a contact from anybody who knows about these things.