This photo was found amonst my father's things many years after he died. Both my parents left this earthly life over 20 years ago. My father was born in Bacup, Lancashire, while my mother came from Toot Baldon, near Oxford.

Who the other people are I am not sure. Memories come back of a Teddy Goddard and a person with the surname of Lord. I also remember a Godfrey being talked about. There was also a connection with the Jackson family and the lady may be to do with them.

My father was involved with St John's Parish Church and was a member of the Choir. While on a visit to Bacup I remember him climbing up into the organ from the vestry, checking that something he put there many years before was still there. He said it was but did not say what it was but may have been his name. I am told that St John's Parish Church is closed.

I only remember going back to Bacup twice; the journey from Oxford to Lancashire on the train (LMS) must have been quite daunting. Nowadays nobody would think twice about it with the car and Motorways.