There Can't be a God to Allow That!

Originally published in the Osney Benefice Magazine of August - September 2018

This phrase is often used to dismiss any idea of a deity or supreme power that might be in charge of the world. A God who is reputed to be ‘all love’ and yet allows acts of violence and terror to be perpetrated by all sorts of people who desire to control and have power over others.

This desire for control and power manifests itself in various forms in all walks of life. There may be a situation where one person wishes to control another, maybe in a family relationship, a boss who lords it over his employees, a dictator who subjects people to terror and death; who thinks nothing of destroying anything, or anybody, that gets in the way.

It is thought by many that God, if there is such a thing, should intervene and prevent these things from happening; it should not be allowed. How God would do this is not specified as the basic thought is: ‘There is no God.’

What we are really talking about is Free Will.

A study of Spiritual Philosophy will reveal that Free Will is paramount; our God given right. That the Earth is a place where people come to progress - to achieve Higher Spiritual Status - and is likened to a school at the kindergarten level.

The idea that some benevolent, controlling entity can over-ride free will would mean that there was no free will and we would simply be doing as we were told.

We should also look at what God is, or what God is not.

God is not an old man on a throne seated at the centre of His creation in some place called Heaven. If one takes the time and studies relevant information you will come to understand that, as Seth puts it in Seth Speaks, ‘God is everything that is’. This idea that God is everything - there is nothing that is not God - ties in with the concept of infinity. The words ‘God’ and ‘Infinite’ are often used together. Both these words are concepts that are outside human understanding; we have nothing to relate them to.

The young child asked its parent what is God. The parent, searching for an analogy the child might be able to understand spotted an ant on the ground. “Do you see that ant?” the parent asked. “Do you think that ant can understand you? It is so close yet it might not even realise you are there. It has no understanding, or ability to understand, what a human being is.” The child looked at the ant. “Now”, went on the parent, “that might give you some idea of what God might be to us. It is something that we cannot imagine, so far beyond our means of understanding.”

In the book ‘Conversations with God’ the idea that God is everything is explained in more detail. “How many souls are there?” the writer asks, to which the reply is “One; there is one of us”. Down through the ages the teaching guides who have spoken time after time have told us that we are all one. Now we know that everything is God, which includes the human race. Silver Birch says: ‘If you knew who you really were you would walk proud.’ The organised religions have much to answer for in this respect as they teach that we are all sinners and need to be ‘saved’, whatever that is. Even a baby is sinful as it was ‘born in sin’. Organised religions use fear and ignorance to keep people under control; to take away their free will and make them slaves to some creed or doctrine. In the past they killed anybody who tried to stop them doing this. Jesus of Nazareth was killed by the organised religion of his day.

It still goes on in the world but here, in the West, people are more educated, and with education comes knowledge, which does away with fear. People are no longer afraid of the church and most have chosen, using their free will, to ignore it. Nobody is too interested in what the vicar has to say and they are certainly not afraid of him, or nowadays, her, as the case may be.

Going back to the original phrase: ‘There can't be a God to allow that’. Yes, there is a God on earth that allows that and WE are IT. This is our world where we have come to learn. We came here of our own free will and choosing in order to do something, achieve something, pay off some karmic debt maybe, certainly to progress and, hopefully, achieve the ‘Higher Spiritual Status’ that we set our heart on before we came into this life. It is what we do with our free will that causes all the trouble. If we knew who we were and why we are hear things might be different. We are told to help each other; the last instruction of Jesus of Nazareth was: ‘Love one another’ which, to me, is the same thing. ‘Do a random act of kindness’ says the car sticker. Yes, the message is getting through.

Bit farfetched you think? Well, that is your free will choosing to ignore that which to many is obvious. You have your free will to use as you wish and we should defend each other’s right to do so. If we choose, with our free will, to try to control others, murder and do all sorts of terrible deeds that will be our choice. According to the laws of ‘Cause and Effect’ (Karma) all things have to balance out. As one person put it: ‘The laws of compensation and retribution are perfect; nobody cheats God!’ How true, we cannot fool ourselves. It follows us to the grave and beyond for the laws of Karma stretch across eternity. Nobody gets away with anything.

However, as Sister of Mercy put it: "Even the most evil person that has ever existed will, one day, finally, end up with God." It just seems that some people take a longer route than others.

  John Hardaker


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