Little Old Lady Passing By

Originally published in the Osney Benefice Magazine of June to July 2017

Brian and I fell out of the White Hart in Wytham. I am not a drinker but Brian likes to visit a pub occasionally. I am not sure now where we had been earlier in the day; something of a Spiritual nature I expect as that is what he did, but the actual content has faded over the years.

However, we had just got out the door of the pub, which leads onto the road, when a lady’s voice was heard calling. ‘Mister, mister’ it went. We looked in the direction of the voice and saw a small, elderly lady standing inside a gate. As we looked at her the voice went again: ‘Mister, mister’. We walked over the road to find out what it was that she was calling about. As we got close she said: ‘Mister, would you ring my son in the police force and ask him to come and see me?’ She said it in a way that seemed to say he never came to visit her. We enquired as to who her son was and which police station to phone. I don’t remember the son’s name but he was based at the station at the top of the Cowley Road. While this conversation was going on between Brian and the lady we had gone into her small house. She must have been a trusting kind of person as she had no idea who we were. I was just standing in her house and Brian, having noted the son information, to phone him later on, was now concerned about her security; making sure she would lock the door when we left. While I was standing there I was doing my usual thing of asking for healing for her and that healing and protection would be put into the walls of the building so the lady would be safe and looked after by those in the ‘realms of light’ who do this work; it is just something I do and no big deal, if you like, as I have done it before.

We phoned the police station with the lady’s message and found she often did this and the son would visit his mother as requested. As that was all we could do and felt we had carried out the lady’s wishes we got on with others things and forgot about it.

Sometime later Brian and I were sat in the weekly Circle, held on a Wednesday evening in a country house. The lady in charge of this group was Lucy Hale who lived in East Ilsley; she had been leader of this small group of about eight people for many years. She had invited me to join in the late 1970’s and Brian, along with his wife Paula, had joined some time later. Both these people were extremely gifted. Brian had enabled many on the ‘other side’ to be ‘rescued’; a work he did not like too much as it wore him out. For the rest of us having Brian in the group was a privilege; it was never boring when Brian was present.

Brian suddenly asked me if I remembered the lady at the gate near the Wytham pub. I said I did even though it was some twelve to eighteen months ago. Brian went on to say that she was ‘here’, meaning having passed on, and she was thanking me for something that I had done. I knew what she was talking about but Brian did not as I had never mentioned it. I had not mentioned it to him at the time as ‘putting healing and protection into the walls of a person’s house’ is something I do – I don’t talk about it. I was pleased that I had been able to assist the lady in her earthly life and that she was now ‘OK’.

There was more to it than that as, while I thought about her thanking me for what I had done, I realised here was a lady telling me that what I had done, while in her house, actually does do something, which she now knew about. That is called ‘feedback’. I now know, with the certainty that comes from knowledge, that praying for a person does work; that the ‘thousand willing hands’ waiting to do our bidding are there and, if we ask in love and sincerity, will do what we ask. ‘Trust it’ says the Nazarene and many other great souls down the ages. Well, I for one trust it as I have the privilege of knowing it works. Knowing it works also makes you more aware of what you are asking for; prayer is something to be used with care. Jesus once said to his disciples: ‘You don’t know what you are asking for’. They wanted to be on his right and left hand when he came into his ‘Glory’; two thieves had that honour.


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