The Power of Thought

Originally published in the Osney Benefice Magazine

I sit in a moving coach with my eyes closed; people around me are talking but I am not there. In the Botley Cemetery a graveside funeral is taking place and I am ‘linking in’ with what is happening there. A friend I have known a long time has departed this life and I am wishing him well. He was an unhappy person and fell out with me over a computer years ago but I am texting his son saying it was a privilege to have known him.

Another funeral had taken place in Detroit; my Brother in Law had requested my presence but I did want to travel all that way to see him off. At the appointed time I left a friend’s house and sat in the car focussing my mind on a funeral taking place some 5000 miles away. After a period of contemplation somebody, no idea who, started to say the Lord’s Prayer; I joined in and, with the Amen, knew my thoughts had been accepted and went back in for my take-away.

I admire the Roman Centurion who came to Jesus and asked him to heal his servant. Jesus said he would be along in a minute to which the Centurion replied “Oh, there is no need to come; just give the Word. I also am a man in authority; I give orders to soldiers and they do as I say.” He respected Jesus and knew he could do these things but, later on, some of his colleagues would be nailing Jesus to a Cross.

We are all working our way through a life on earth to become who we are and, while it is possible to make judgements about other people, we have no idea as to how they came to be where they are. My departed friend’s son complains that he was not there for him when he was growing up. I am not going to try to tell him why; even then I only know a small part of it. Some people have an easy ride through life, while others, such as my friend, find their path very difficult. It has been said that the lessons of your life are tailored to your stage of development, your spiritual progress. It would be no use teaching a child complex mathematics and a university professor would be annoyed if you tried to teach him the ABC.

Many times I have been told that thoughts are real things and that a bad thought should be quickly followed by good one; if possible think no bad thoughts at all. Judge not saves a lot of bother giving time to think good things about people. We have mentioned before the thousand willing hands that are willing to do your bidding if you ask in sincerity and love. There is a ‘lost’ lady who sits on the seat opposite where I live; I see her from my 1st floor flat window. Thoughts are sent out that she will be helped in whatever way it is needed. I do not know her circumstances but I see her seated alone in various other places ‘passing the time’.

I have read many descriptions about the ‘next life’ being a world of thought; to think is to be. I also understand that we are building our ‘home’ there by what we do and think here. “Where is my mansion house and servants?” says a man, who had been rich and powerful in his earth life. The ‘guide’, who met him when he ‘died’, says, showing him a rickety shack, “I’m sorry, but this is all you have sent over.” Jesus spoke of building your treasures in Heaven. He even told his disciples how to do it: “Do good works and Glorify your Father in Heaven.” The doing good works, so I am told, means the everyday, simple acts of kindness that we think little about; small things go to make a big thing someone said. ‘It is only given to a few to make a great impact’ said another.

The key to all these things is ‘Love’ and that has little to do with the continuity of the human species. Love is a force, an energy. Washing dishes one evening the moon was very bright. Being a technical person I absentmindedly said aloud “I wonder what the force of gravity really is?” Someone unseen said quite loudly in my ear “It is Love.” I thought “Gravity is Love? Well, gravity is mutual attraction and that seems to be what Love is.” If you love somebody you want to be near them. Bonded comes to mind.

The Power of Thought can be quite interesting. I read about a group of people whose idea of Heaven is going shopping. By the power of their minds they have created wonderful shopping centres and enjoy ‘buying’ things. It is all a product of their imagination and desire; it seems they have created the shop assistants as well who are not ‘real’ people. There is no problem with money as you just need to think you have got it. It is not the articles they buy that they want; it is the ‘fun’ of shopping and being with other people who also love to shop. They take what they have bought to their homes and the items, when they are forgotten about, simply fade away. After a while the shopping spree, as it is so easy to do, loses its appeal until that person stops going; a ‘friend’ will appear, who has been waiting for the opportunity to help, suggests an alternative occupation that will be more productive for that person’s progress.

Thinking, for example, about dusting and polishing is all very well but it won’t be much use in a world of thought where there is no dust and nothing needs polishing. However, doing things with love is important as, when you go, you take the love you gave with you. “You will be met with all the love you have given” somebody said.

Thoughts have colour, thoughts have form, and above all thoughts have power.
Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding


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