The Purpose of Life on Earth

The Physical Earth World is a place where Spirit People come to learn.
There are other planets in the Universe used by Spirit as well as this one.
Our True Home is the World of Spirit where we came from and will return to.
We chose to come into this life also planned the main events of it.
Our mission here is to learn something and/or do some good work.
The more advanced we are the harder the lessons become.
Some people come in order to teach others.
We do this in order to achieve Higher Spiritual Status.
Everybody in the physical has a lifetime Spirit Guide.
Very likely this is not your first time here.
Worldly power and wealth cannot be transferred to Spirit.
Position and Status in this life count for nothing in the next.
It is what we do with these things that matters.
All forms of life survive physical death.
Our unconscious mind knows when we are going to leave this world.
In general we do not know when that event will take place.
All life is part of God; God is everything.
There will be no Day of Judgment.
We will judge ourselves when the time comes.
Nobody died to save us from our sins.
We are personally responsible for everything we individually do.
The person who will gain most by how you live your life is yourself.
You are not expected to go out of your way in doing good.
Being a kindly, caring, person in your daily life is sufficient.
If you are but smiling at one person you are smiling at God.
What counts is your motive.
Thoughts are real things.
If you send out a bad thought send a good one after it.