The Next World

The Spirit World is all around us and not in some far off place.
Some people can communicate with those in it to a greater or lesser degree.
There are many States and Conditions there.
The Earth Plane is not the lowest level.
Hell is not hot; it is cold and dark with no vegetation.
Heaven is what you want it to be.
We will go to our proper State or Condition.
We may go there before we are ready to leave here.
The means of communication and travel is thought.
You will remember everybody you have ever known.
There is no time as we know it in the next life.
Your home in Spirit is created by what you do here.
Everybody in Spirit does some kind of work usually helping other people.
There are millions of people trying to help their fellow beings on earth.
The Laws of Compensation and Retribution are perfect. Nobody cheats God.
When we return to Spirit we will be with those we love and who love us.
All erroneous deeds on earth can be undone; all things can be put right.
Some will need more effort to put right than others.
You may have to come back to the earth plane in order to do so.
Groups of people come back together in order to share more earth experiences.
There is no condemnation in Spirit, only compassion and understanding.
All the illnesses of this world are left behind with the physical body.