Thoughts on a Car Accident

Talk given by a Guide through Ann Webster

Communications received in a Circle held at Cowley Road Church, Oxford. 5th September, 1997.

God bless you my friends.

Thank you for allowing me to come to you. But my friends it is not the same as when you all meet here together; the few. (This must refer to a normal service when the church may be full and Ann sometimes gives the address)

We have a message for you tonight.

There has been a great outpouring of love on your earth plane; we feel this very strongly; and we say to you that this outpouring of love is just the start of something wonderful. If you on the earth plane can just retain this feeling of love, the great communion between each other: man and woman, mother and child, parent and child and child with parent.

If you could join hands in this way across your earth plane you would know, to some extent, the feeling of how it is in the World of Spirit; how we all come together with the feeling of great joy; and you know that it is now possible for the majority of you to feel this love.

We have seen the communion between all nations, all creeds, all colours. We have seen the people in the streets.

There is no lack of communication now.

You have heard of all those in the war-torn countries, such as part of your own community, who are now communicating as brother to brother, sister to sister, combined in their great grief; of love for an ordinary person who did their best on earth to make a difference.

It is now up to the rest of you to take up her banner; to take up her causes and to rebuild many lives.

We all know that you here are with us; all in this room are mothers. Can you think of the difference it would make if all mothers on the earth plane were joined together in a common cause brought forward; knowing that the majority of you feel this way. That it is time for the others, that only think of self, or that which must be for themselves. (These thoughts were not fully expressed but the feeling is there)

We say to you, if only each one of you here present in this room can make one of these selfish persons turn towards your way of thinking; towards the great love within them, within each of us, the difference would be tremendous.

We know, of course, this cannot be something that takes place overnight, as you would say, but surely if each of you examine the way things are at the moment, this creating love that each has discovered, then this great love can be spread to all corners of your world. Think of the great difference that this would make.

We ask you, from this side, do not let this be in vain; do not let this earthly tragedy disappear. Please bring the feelings that it has engendered in each of you; bring them forward and extend to all mankind that love. We know that each of you is a very loving person.

We say to you please try to make more kind gesture; to change one persons life. This does not mean you have to give materially, but of your spiritual self. When you meet in the street give a smile, be a useful neighbour, give a kind word. If each of you make this effort, this small effort, it will make such a difference.

Love each other; be kind to each other. If you cannot like someone, in the bodily sense, send them God's love. We leave you now with an outpouring of much love from Spirit as it is on the earth at this time.

God bless you my friends and thank you for your kind attention and commitment without which we would be unable to come with communication for the earth plane.

God bless you.

Automatic Writing from a Guide of Bill Aldsworth.

Good evening friends. I am Brother Joseph.

I would speak this day of Love as it is in our hearts and minds over this period of time due to, as you say, the untimely death of a good woman.

It is not untimely, as it was already destined from the time before she came to the earth plane; her work is done on earth. Now she has returned to the Father God.

She has started people thinking and talking of love, not love of oneself, the unselfish love: love of one another, love of all mankind. Whether he be from high or low station; or whether he be sick or well; or whether he be of a different class, colour, nationality or religion.

  • Love has no boundaries.
  • Love has no borders.
  • Love has no religion.
  • Love has no colour.
  • Love is God the Father.

The Lord said "let none suffer". Didn't He heal the ear of the roman soldier when it was smote off. He was of a different religion, a different race; an oppressor. Yet He didn't say "I don't love him as he is different to me".

No, He loved him and treated him as others with love and kindness.

The one you mourn is gone from the earth plane. Her physical body is dead; it has served its purpose. Now it has released her spirit body to carry on with her progress in the World of Spirit. It is up to you to carry on with the way that she has shown you.

She had her faults; as we all have. We are not perfect as that would defeat the reason for coming from the Spirit World for learning and testing. Follow the example that you have been shown.

  • Love one another as oneself.
  • Love will conquer all.
  • Love will win all battles.
  • Love will win peace.
  • Peace is Love.
  • Love is the Divine Father God.
  • Love is eternal.
  • Love is everlasting.
  • God is Love.

God bless you friends.... Joseph.

"Love Divine all Love Excelling"