These pages contain various items that do not fit into the classification of the other pages.

There are some Addresses recorded in Spiritualist venues. A dream I had one night. An extract from a book written by a country vicar which became a classic. A thought provoking poem by a gentleman of Marcham, Oxfordshire, when guns were banned in the UK. Some thoughts that came to me about executions after seeing a condemned 30 year old American woman on the TV who appeared calm and a transcript of a circle talk just after a car accident in Paris.

All these things are to provide something to think about.

One of the pleasures I find in going to spiritualist meetings, especially where there is an opportunity to listen to Spirit directly, is that you come away with something to think about. What you make of it is up the individual; there is no demand to believe anything. All you can do is to listen with an open mind and think about what is being said. If there is an opportunity to ask questions so much the better, but be aware that 'dead' people can be just as dim as we are. Some people have the idea that spirit people know everything; I can assure you that they do not. If your deceased Uncle Joe was useless with money in this life then don't expect him to advise you about your finances. Quite often I think Spirit, in general, have forgotten what it is like to be living on Earth.

Unfortunatley many people look to the Spirit World to run their lives for them and ask questions like 'shall I marry A or B'. Realise that Spirit will not do this; it is your life, you chose it and you have to make the descisions in it. Spirit will help you, if you are open to that, in whatever you do. They would prefer you to be a decent person giving love where you can. Read the teachings of Jesus and you will not go wrong. Ignore the Virgin birth bit and he did not die on a cross to save us from our sins; the orthodox chuch of the day murdered him to get him out of the way. In the eyes of orthodoxy people are not supposed to know anything. The old 'keep them ignorgant, keep them afraid and, above all, keep them paying' is losing its appeal to many people.

What there is in the next life is love and helpfulness - provided you are contacting the right 'level' - so you can ask about that. Anyway, read what there is and make of it what you can.

As one person said, communicating for the first time, after dying of a sudden heart attack, "The people here are SO NICE". Look forward to that, but be sure that you create the conditions in your life that will give you the right to be with them. It is not difficult; just do the best you can with the circumstances that you have. Nothing more is expected of you.

John Hardaker - Bampton, Oxfordshire, UK.