Is Earth Life Important?

Extract from 'Post Mortem Journal'

Memoirs of T.E. Lawrence regarding his early spirit life.

The outcome of this searching experience is a conviction of the importance of the theory of reincarnation. I need to know more about the law of Karma; how it operates and how far it may be responsible for the changes and chances of life on earth. Not that any such knowledge will exonerate me from full responsibility; it will only spread it over many more lives, since it seems that each succeeding life presents the same kind of problems and offers fresh opportunities to solve them.

Why should one sorrow over mistakes and wasted opportunities when each of us comes here (spirit) eventually where conditions are kind and congenial? This diary of mine should supply an answer to that question. 'As a man sows, so also shall he reap' is true through every change that the human spirit can undergo. There can be no place left in an illimitable universe where it does not hold good. Yet there is still a reason for stressing the importance of the earth experience. It seems that in the cycle of growth this is the formative stage when alone any real growth in essence takes place. When the earth life is over and one comes here, the law of affinity takes one into congenial conditions and the general alleviation of circumstances removes all outer sources of conflict. There is no more struggle for existence. Our work here is a kind of mopping-up operation. We can, in fact we must, graduate from regions where our faults of temper and our sense of guilt are tolerated to those where we have to clear ourselves of these stains of earth. But although we may clear ourselves and in the ascent of the planes gradually purify our being until we are again essential spirit, still no actual growth in this spirit will have been made here. What we bring from earth remains our all, so our fate is bound up with our earth experiences; only in the struggle and turmoil of life there are we able to make any real difference to our spiritual stature. So, although this in-between period is a wonderful interlude, the real work has to be done on earth.

Taken from pages 90/91

This is a very interesting book and picks up from when T.E. Lawrence
(Lawrence of Arabia) was killed in a motor cycle accident.

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