Recollections of a Dream

Have you ever been told to make a note of your dreams when you wake up? I am interested in Astral Traval - those very vivid dreams usually full of people - and this is one I wrote down when I woke up.

One night I dreamt that I was in a large building filled with people, and I spoke to a man who was convinced that you only went to the Earth once. I told him that you went to the Earth many times, but he insisted that he was right, and was sure you only went once. I did not argue with him as he seemed to have made his mind up.

Later on I looked for him to tell him a little story but he was nowhere to be seen. So I will tell you instead.

Can you imagine this vast Museum and it is filled with all the things of Earth? There are sections on Natural History, Science, The Arts, People and their Cultures; indeed all the things that you could ever think of to do with the planet Earth. All the Museums there ever were all rolled up into one. To walk all round its many avenues and corridors would take a very long time indeed and to study everything there would be such an impossible task that nobody would ever attempt it.

Imagine you are a little child of five or six and you go into this Museum. You would find that you were fascinated with bright colours and shiny things. Objects that would appeal to a little child. You would not go very far from the entrance for fear of getting lost. Later on at thirteen or so you would go again and the things that appealed to you the first time would be passed by as too simple. Later on, when you go again, having acquired some learning, you would find, as you explored a little more, that you could learn many interesting things from what you found in the Museum, and so your visits would be to investigate some particular item of interest.

By now you may have become acquainted with others who were going to the Museum and you begin to share your knowledge and experiences; sharing with each other the things that you had gained in your visits.

As you advanced in your knowledge and understanding so you would become more selective in your Museum visits, choosing more carefully what you went to see and even asking the advice of others who were more experienced than you as to what there was there that would help you the most in your understanding. It may be that you were advised to go down some long dark corridor to find some great knowledge or, perhaps, to pay a short visit to help someone else find something that they were looking for.

You would have realised that in the time allowed for your visits to the Museum it would not be possible to learn everything for yourself and so sharing the experiences of others, learning through them would become important and you would have joined a group of people who were also interested in going to the Museum and learning similar things as yourself.

Some of the your Group might plan to go together, separating at the entrance, going different ways into different departments and learning different things. Some may have a shorter visit than others but each had a task to fulfil so that, on returning, each one could share with the rest of your Group what he had gained. Not only with those members who had venture out but with the entire Group most of whom had remained behind.

There would come a time, perhaps, when all the knowledge that was needed by the Group from the Museum had been acquired and there was no need to go there any more, but it would take many visits to arrive at that state.

I went to find the gentleman I had spoken to earlier but he had gone. Perhaps he felt I was looking for him and realised that I would try to show him, by my story, that you did go to the Earth more than once and, being not ready to change his mind yet, decided he did not want to listen to my tale and so he left.

John Hardaker. August 1991.