Spiritualism is not a belief system, therefore spiritualists believe nothing. People who follow this teaching - that life is continuous - are seeking for knowledge and understanding. This is a personal quest and it is different for each individual.

The first item to be established is that life continues after the so-called 'death' of the physical body. This knowledge may be acquired through personal experience, reading about other people's experiences, talking to other people about their experiences, receiving messages from the 'dead' through mediumship, reading classical literature and listening to communications from teaching 'guides'. Other information may come from persons known or unknown to us who have 'died'.

This process can, and should, take many years of dedication and research; it does not come lightly. No two people come to this understanding the same way.

A life on earth is a spirit using a physical vehicle (body) in order to experience life in a physical dimension along with other spirits who are doing the same thing. The reason for this is to achieve Higher Spiritual Status. Once this is understood the age old directive to 'Build up your Treasures in Heaven' take on a new meaning (understanding) and become the Prime Directive in this life or incarnation. A soul, spirit or person is either incarnate (in a physical body) or discarnate (not in a physical body). The person is not the body; the person is using the body to live in the physical world.

Once the student has enough data on these matters and has cast aside belief - replaced by knowledge - there opens a world of teaching from Spirit both in written word and from spirit teachers who continue in this day and age to talk to us about life in the spirit and how to make the best use of our life here on earth.

Also comes the knowledge that there is no time in a non-physical dimension (eternity). All things in a non-physical dimension are created by thought, as they are here, but without the 'work' necessary to bring them into existence. Love, not desire, is the most positive attribute of life in the non-physical. Worldly wealth, position and power mean nothing when a person 'dies'. What you do, look like, own, drive around in, live in, have in the bank, etc, does not matter - it is what you are that counts. You know that and so does Spirit. By their 'fruits' (colours) shall ye know them. There is no evading the natural law. You will be the judge of yourself. God is 'everything that is' and we are part of everything.

All this you will understand if you really want to KNOW.

This poster has been written as a result of some ladies who had come to a Spiritualist Church for the first time asking if Spiritualists believed in re-incarnation. I advised them that Spiritualists should believe nothing but seek to know. I have not seen them since. JHH.

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