This poem was written by Mr F.J. Lee in 1960 for a fourteen year old schoolboy to recite during a
Sunday School Anniversary at the West Hendred Methodist Church.

Sometimes I Wonder what I'll do when I become a man,
And, though I'm but a Schoolboy yet, it's not too soon to plan.
I'd like to build a great steel bridge across a mighty river,
So high that people looking up would feel a sort of shiver.
I'd like to be a Policeman, helping all I see,
I'd be a friend to everyone who felt they needed me.
I'd like to drive a Railway Train from London down to Crew.
I'd watch the signals, get up steam and blow the whistle too.
I'd like to be a Doctor who could cure all kind of ills.
I'd think much more of healing folk than sending out the bills.
But most of all, I'd like to make folk know that God is Love.
And, when we love our fellow men, we're like to Him above.
I need not wait till I'm a man, I can begin today.
I'll show I'm His by what I do, and by the things I say.
And so I ask that He will help me play a Noble Part,
And send His Holy Spirit down to dwell within my heart.

Provided by Mrs Christine Fathers of Steventon, near Abingdon, UK.
She is the daughter of Mr F.J. Lee who was a village blacksmith.
She loves her father very much.