Derek Acorah

The Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah.
An interesting account of 'Life with Derek', which includes some interesting, direct, contacts with the Spriit World. Worth reading.

Evelyn Adams

Annoying Dead People
More Annoying Dead People #2
Really Annoying Dead People #3
These Kindle books are interesting and advanced. They are not for beginners or the superficially interested.

Karen Alexander

A Gift from Daniel
Looking through the New Age books in Barnes & Knoble I was attracted to this book. Something was saying 'read it'. I pulled it halfway out and asked in my mind 'Do you want me to read this?' The answer was 'Yes'. I went to the counter and bought it. Reading it I found the reason; it was on the edge on my understanding. Not really a beginer's book. ISBN: 0-339-52244-1


The Boy Who Saw True
The diary of a young boy who can see lights around people (aura). A lovely Classic Spiritualist book. The person allowed the diaries of his youth to be published provided a) he was not named and b) he was dead. ISBN: 0-85435-493-X