Stephen O'Brien's Spiritual Poetry

Do Not Forget Me

Do not forget me when I go,
For go I must, I cannot stay;
But do not forget my face, my love,
Nor my life, I pray.

Yet, if you should forget awhile
When I am gone - do not despair,
But keep your tears at bay,
For the silver love we shared
Will never fade away...

And one dawn soon,
Together we will stand
Upon some silent mountain,
In some silent land
And gaze into each other's eyes once more;

Then, hand in hand,
Along some distant shore,
We'll remember all the times that slipped our minds:

Our fond goodbyes;
The times we loved;
The time we met;
My love, we'll not forget.

Copyright Ó Visionary and Poet: Stephen O'Brien 1992

Published in Voices from Heaven (HarperCollins 1992)
and Angels By My Side (Bantam Books 1994)
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