Stephen O'Brien's Spiritual Poetry

We Belong to the Stars

From Ancient stardust we are made: galaxy children birthed afar; mentalities castawayed, invisible to the naked eye, uncountable, unweighed.

Yet beating like the heart of an avatar as every life-note's played.

We belong to the stars, you and I, fashioned by Living Breath long-since: from a timeless nothing sprang liquid thought which breathed and burned genetic fingerprints.

An Infinite Spirit exploded Its Mind: dispersing suns and sentient clouds; warming blood and sprinkling souls as stardust gifts through hands of stone and hearts of flint.

From only One came the All that Is: an Oversoul breathed out Its Thought; and back to Alpha we must return; - heartaches, journeys, starlight dreams - from beginning to end the soul will yearn.

Taken from: 'Angels By My Side', by Visionary and Poet Stephen O'Brien

Published by Bantam Books Stephen O'Brien 1994

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