Stephen O'Brien's Spiritual Poetry

A Visionary's Prayer

May those who feel lonely and unloved meet the arms of another and be embraced.

May those who feel lost in the darkness seek the light of truth and find it.

May those who have plenty give to those who have nothing at all.

May those who are intolerant of others learn patience and practise it.

And may those who cannot see the beauty of the stars open their eyes wide and be thankful for then their fear may become certainty and their vision, clearer – revealing each challenge as a friend.

And may peace live in their hearts.

Great Spirit – if only for the sake of the children as yet unborn, who are waiting to come.

Taken from 'Angels By My Side', by Visionary and Poet: Stephen O'Brien

Published by Bantam Books Ó Stephen O'Brien 1994

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