Martin Luther King

Communicates from the Beyond

The following inspiring spiritual message was published in
Stephen O'Brien's informative book In Touch with Eternity
Bantam Books: Stephen O'Brien 1992.

Over the years Stephen has been given numerous messages by spirit people who came from all walks of life. These have included quite memorable words transmitted by some well-known figures in our world. Whenever he receives a link from such people he is on record as stating that he is always reticent to publish, unless, of course, they specifically ask him to do so. Dr Martin Luther King's communication was subjected to this rule. This remarkable man led a Civil Rights Movement for black people from the mid-1950s up until his death on 4th April 1968, when an assassin in Memphis Tennessee shot him. Stephen records that Dr King, having now settled down in the world of spirit, didn't seem bitter about his passing - a quality that seems to link admirably with the Nobel Prize for Peace, which he was awarded in 1964. Dr King maintained, preached and propounded the noble doctrine of non-violent protest to gain relief from the cruelty of racialism.Stephen wrote about Dr Martin Luther King: 'He was, and still is, a very great man; and it seems his fight to free people from oppression is continuing from his new world, as he reveals in this contact, the words of which are an inspiration to peace-loving souls everywhere.'

Dr. Martin Luther King:

I was only a young man when the call came for me to leave and go to the Promised Land. Those who should have been helping me, hurled me into in the next world, but I'd seen over the mountaintops and I knew where I was going.

Through the great love I have for my own people, and all other races, creeds and colours, I tried my very best to show a way of brotherhood, a way of peaceful cohabitation between all kinds of people in all different kinds of social and racial structures.

Looking back upon those hard and difficult years - difficult for me and my dearly loved family, especially my children - I think I can say a measure of success was ours.

But the battle is not yet over. There is more work yet to be done.

My brothers and sisters in other lands, as well as in America, are crying out 'Freedom!'

They're calling out for Justice!

They want the bonds and shackles of oppression to be cut away from them so that they can breathe the pure air of freedom of expression.

So I shall not cease from my fight.

I have never, no not for one moment, given up my goal: that of freeing my people, and any others bonded by slavery of one form or another.

The world is a beautiful place.

The souls of men and women are beautiful. If we can encourage this great beauty forward then all the ugliness will be purged away, as the sunlight bleaches the scorching lands of Africa.

I pray for peace and love, one towards another.

I have not rested; I shall not rest. No: I shall inspire and send my strength to everyone still engaged in the great march forward, toward the lights of freedom, truth, peace and love.

This extract is taken from: 'In Touch with Eternity' (Bantam Books)

Copyright Stephen O'Brien 1992

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