In this article, spiritual healer, medium and author, Stephen O'Brien, discusses the Healing Power of Sound Vibrations, states that we are all 'co-creators with God,' offers a simple self-healing exercise, and challenges us to examine the psychic influence we have on the world around us.

When we hear the sounds of a beautiful melody our minds are soothed and calmed, and our spirits are lifted out of this mundane world and into realms of peace and tranquillity.

Such is the Psychic Power of Music.

Down through the centuries, music has moved and inspired us and refreshed and healed our bruised and battered souls, because the psychic vibrations of sound are powerful healing forces.

All around us the great rhythm of Nature is rather like a powerful, orchestrated symphony: dawn's peace, night's thunder; evening rain and morning sunlight, all these are parts of a majestic musical score that represents the Great Pageant of Life.

We may not be Master Composers, but we can certainly appreciate and 'lose' ourselves in the healing sounds of God's magnificent creations.

Music is Ether in vibration. Everything that exists is in a state of constant motion; every thing is continuously vibrating.

Objects are composed of protons, neutrons and electrons which are constantly circling so fast that they give our eyes the illusion of being solid matter; but, in fact, they are nothing more than an open network of vibrating energies.

Objects also emit high-frequency psychic sounds. Even the Universe itself, as many Eastern religions know, generates a sound approximating to AH-UM, which devotees chant in an effort to 'attune' their souls to the God-Vibration.

Musical notes vibrate the ether at specific wavelengths; and our souls are also governed by this same Natural Law. We each generate our own unique Auric Note or fluctuating Key-Sound that is created by the vibrations of our thought patterns and emotions, and also by our states of spiritual evolution.

Machines cannot yet register these high-frequency psychic or soul-sounds, but sensitives have known about them for centuries.

Natural psychic energies are constantly being exchanged all around us: in thunderstorms when two electrically-charged rainclouds meet, the higher-charged mass sheds its power to the lower, resulting in a magnificent display of lightning.

The chair on which you are sitting, and the monitor you are now viewing, are both supplying you with similar but more subtle psychic energy exchanges.

Such psychic energy-interchanges occur continuously, but it is by an act of purposeful will that we can purposefully attract more of their healing power towards us:

When we quieten our thoughts, our psychic bodies can more actively absorb energy-boosts from the environment, from other souls, from trees, radiant sunshine, clean air and pure water, and even from the psychic atmospheres inside buildings (certain of which can also adversely affect us).

If you doubt this, when next you feel depressed sit in a dark and drably-painted brown-and-black room and see if these low colour-vibrations will lift your spirits!

To increase your personal intake of spiritual healing vibrations: during your meditative moments, listen to your favourite, soothing and calming music and try to 'blend with' and 'float away into' its vibrations of sound, and your spirit will soon feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

Try it, and see…

Life is like a vast musical score that has been orchestrated by God, The Great Spirit, and we are all co-creators with this Power, with this Master Musician whose spiritual music permeates everything that Is.

And all great musical pieces contain some discordant notes. As well as pure harmonies linked to the key signature, there are other sounds that momentarily disturb or jar our senses - but they soon resolve back into the original key. Only after the music is over do we realise that these discords have deepened our appreciation of its beauty. They have made it a more emotionally-stirring and inexplicably joyful experience.

Life is like that, too: it's wonderful, but not without its discordant times.

As souls who are in a ceaseless state of vibration, we are continuously creating our own Soul Music and projecting it into the Universe around us, constantly adding our own pulsing thoughts and deeds to The Great Power, as well as drawing life-sustaining energies from it.

But what kind of music are you creating?

What kind of song is your soul singing?

Is it a healing, harmonious melody, or a painfully discordant one? Does it enrich the lives of others, or disturb their sense of peace and well being?

Is yours a song of unconditional love, compassion, and service? Or does it resound with selfishness, hatred and dis-ease?

Some people who have 'died' (or passed into Eternal Life) are fondly remembered because they lived among us in a most gentle and loving way: their thoughtfulness and kind actions still echo in our souls, like wonderful harmonious music.

To be bathed in the presence of these great spirits is to experience Heaven, indeed. Their love touches and stirs our hearts; they have the power to make us feel accepted, valued and healed.

Souls who express the Mighty Power of Love - they alone are the truly great people.

When your time on Earth is over, and you must cross over into the eternal light from whence you came - how will you be remembered?

Copyright © Stephen O'Brien, 1999 (for this version)

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