Chang's First Visit

A Helper with Brian Williams.

Recorded in a Home Circle, Sept 1987.

Brian and Paula had recently joined the Circle and we were pleased when one of their Guides came and talked to us. We had spoken with Gray Cloud a few times but this speaker did not seem to be him.

"It is good that we are together, I have waited many years for this. I am here and he (Brian) is with me". John asked if he had been with Brian a long time. "Yes I have, he does not know me, but he will and I don't think he will regret it". Lucy asked if he would be able to give talks and advice. "I will do what I can to help". Margaret said "We have so much to learn". "We also, we do not know everything you know". Margaret said "We want to help and do not always know how to." "Yes, well I will help you, you are getting help anyway all of you. You all have your Spirit Guides with you; they are all there protecting and caring for you".

Lucy asked if he would be helping Brian with the healing. "There are many of us that help him, that is what he wants to do. He will get better; he lacks confidence but it will come and with it great power for him". "He will be very pleased with that I know" said Margaret. "Yes, I know he will, he will be pleased when he comes out of this (trance) I know that". We all laughed at his amusement. "This is what he has wanted for a long time".

Lucy said that Brian had been told that there were people who wanted to speak through him. "Yes there are many others and they will come in time". Margaret asked if he knew Grey Cloud who had spoken to the Circle through Brian on previous occasions. "Yes I know him, we all know each other that are in our own sphere."

"This is good isn't it!" Margaret said, indicating that it was, "And we all love having you here".

"Thank you all very much and God bless you all."

"It is a wonderful thing you know, blessings, they travel far and wide; they are picked up and they do work. The power of love when it is thrown out is a living thing. You understand that don't you? What you do for others is what you get back."

"It is good to feel again". (a physical body). John asked "But don't you have a body in Spirit?" "Yes, but it is not whole, not like this!" We talked about being unaware of feeling a body during out-of-body experiences. "There are many wonders in the universe that man has yet to learn, you know, and when he does know this knowledge then the world will be a good place to live." "We hope so". said Margaret. "It will be; I am telling you it will."

"You have a saying that good overcomes evil; it is also true in ours and it does work. Brian has a healer that will come through one day. This man, when he lived on Earth, was a great surgeon and he (Brian) has him as one of his helpers."

"I am grateful that you have helped me to come through." John enquired if he could tell us where he had lived on the earth plane. "Manchuria, many, many years ago. Our King was Ching." (My spelling, may have been Chin) "Can you remember what you did when you were here?" asked Margaret. "I was somebody that you would call a writer."

John asked if they knew about spirit communication in those days. "Your knowledge is very minute to what we had in those days. You have lost it through lots of evils and all sorts of things, greed, man has lost a lot, but it will come; it will return to you in time." "That is marvelous" someone said. "And for me. That is a good word marvelous. I like that word."

Lucy asked if the Great Wall was there when he lived on the Earth. "Oh yes, that was there, magnificent. Many people died making that wall you know, many people in Spirit now who worked on that." "Life must have been very cheap then" said John. "Isn't it now, even more so? Life has always been like that but man will learn. It is people like you who will teach others to think as you do, then they will also learn. You do good work all of you." "It is only a little pebble to throw in the water" said Margaret. "It is not, it is a big boulder."


"I think I must go now so God bless you all."

Since then Brian and Paula have emigrated to America where they intend to continue their work for Spirit.