Kevin's First Visit

Kevin Roberts from Cornwall

Recorded in the Circle through Brian Williams. February, 1988.

"Good evening. You are well all of you?" "Yes thank you" we replied.

"Yes, I know that. You have a new person in your Circle. The lady on my right is new to the Circle; you are welcome." "Thank you." John said, as there was a pause; "Nice of you to come and talk to us."

"Yes. He doesn't know me." (We thought that these introductory words were spoken by Chang, so this was a puzzle. At this point there was a speeding up of delivery and a change in the style of presentation.) "Not yet."

Paula asked if he was new to the Circle. "Yes, I am new." "What is your name?", asked Paula, always for the basics.

"Kevin" was the reply. "Hello Kevin" said someone. "Do you know me?" asked Kevin. "No. Have you been to our Circle before?" asked John. "No, no; YES! I have been here, but not to talk to you."

Edith asked "How long ago?" Kevin replied "All the time." John said "You come each time we come?" "Yes" replied Kevin.

Edith asked if he had been helping the group. "Yes I will always help you. We all help you, you know; Spirit are there to help and they will when they can, you only have to ask and they will come to you."

Edith enquired what he did when he was on the earth plane. "I didn't do a lot, I died quite young. Yes, I was very young when I passed." Edith asked if he had an accident or if he had not been well. "No, with my health. Yes, I wasn't a very fit child. I'm fit now. Oh yes, yes; I'm fit now."

"How old were you when you died?" a sitter asked. "I'm eleven." We brightened up a bit as the only child who spoke to us was Lilly who was with Lucy. Lucy asked if he was the brown eyed boy that she had seen earlier in the Circle. "I don't know what colour my eyes are" replied Kevin. "Well I 'picked up' a boy about that age with brown eyes and dark hair" said Lucy. "Yes, my hair is dark" agreed Kevin. "Then I got the name Kevin" continued Lucy. "That's me - yes that's me" confirmed Kevin.

"We are very pleased you're here" said Margaret. "So am I also. This is a strange feeling isn't it? Yes, the dead talking to the living!" This made us all laugh and Kevin laughed as well "I think that's funny, yes, I think that's funny!" he exclaimed. "And you're at school again" said John. (We meet in a school) "Yes, yes, of course; we know, we know!"

"Where did you go to school then? somebody asked "Ah, there wasn't many schools when I was on the Earth, no, we had to work from an early age; people had to work from a very early age when I was here." We sympathized with this and asked what work he had to do. "I worked on a farm for a little while before I went over to Spirit. Yes, I used to help bring in the corn and the wheat and all the barley, and, and I used to thresh it. Yes, I wasn't very strong but I had a go; yes, I did have a go." Kevin then led us all in a laughing session about him having a go.

Edith asked if he drove the horses. "Oh, I loved to drive the horses, my favorite that was. I used to enjoy that; that was really super that was."

" I like horses. I like all animals actually. Animals are kinder than humans. Yes, they only bite you; humans smack you." Everyone laughed at his sense of humour.

"You're making us all laugh" said Margaret. Kevin continued "I like this. I can do this more often and I'm going to!" "Well done" said Margaret.

Edith said "You had to pay to go to school in those days." "Yes, yes, I don't know nothing about that; my dad used to pay for me when he could afford it."

"What was you're dads name then?" asked John switching back into scheptical mode. "My dad was Ted, yes, Ted Roberts." "What was you're mum called?" carried on John hoping the interogation would not be noticed. "Ethel, yes, Ethel Roberts." As Kevin seemed to remember his life on Earth well John persevered with this line of questioning. "You had some brothers and sisters?" "No, I am, was the only one."

"What did your mother do all day?" enquired Edith. "She did nothing; she just kept my dad." "Your dad worked on the farm as well then?" someone asked. "Yes, my dad was on the farm. He worked, he worked hard my dad, yes, he never used to come home till late at night, especially in the summer, but I didn't mind as I could stay up and I liked that; that was super. I liked it when I was a little boy on Earth; I enjoyed myself."

"Did you have the time to find any friends?" asked Edith "Oh, I had lots of friends." Lucy asked if he could remember where he lived. "Yes, I do, it was a place called Cornwall." "That's a lovely place down there" said Margaret. "Yes it was, nice countryside and lots of pretty flowers, lots of animals and little wild creatures; it was nice and I liked it."

Edith asked if he played any instruments. "No, no, I wasn't interested to play instruments, no." Then Kevin had an inspiration "I used to play hookey from school sometimes, yes, I done that quite often; I got into trouble quite a few times I can tell you." "You are remembering happy times" said Margaret. "Yes, I enjoyed myself." "Sounds like you were a bit of a tomboy" Edith suggested. "That's what my mum used to say. She said I was a rascal, ha, ha, I'm not really, I'm kind. I love you all; you're all nice people and I love you." "We love you too" we replied.

"And I've got to go now" said Kevin. John asked who it was that was saying he had to go. "I don't know but I've got to go, so I will say God, God be with you and, and look after yourselves, and I will come and see you again."

"God be with you."

"God be with you Kevin" we all replied.