A High Visitor

Your Work has been Noted

Recorded in the Circle during March, 1998.

This short communication was given with some difficulty. In linking with an Earth instrument - as a Medium is sometimes termed - some initial problems may be experienced. The more often a Medium is used by a Spirit communicator the better and the easier it becomes for them both. Some very important messages come through distorted channels; this was one of them. Imagine you are speaking to a person on the other side of the world over a very bad telephone line. It's the only line you've got and the only opportunity to speak to the person at the other end; are you having trouble?

I have come to give you the message that you have done many good works in your Circle and you have helped many, many people.

We are pleased with you and Spirit will help you for what you have done for them.

God Bless you, all of you, peace be with you.

This was followed by Chang who had spoken to us before. He was not having any trouble speaking to us and began with his usual enquiry into our health, just as we do when we meet someone that we know. There is nothing of great significance in this, we ask how he is knowing that as he does not have a physical body anyway it is a silly question, but it is polite to ask.

"Good evening. You are all well?" "Yes thank you, and you?" "I am well."

"You have just been visited by somebody that does not often visit the Earth. He has come to tell you that your Circle is a strong, powerful, Circle and the work that you do within your Circle has been noted by the higher-ups in the Spirit World and you will be rewarded for your work. We ask you that you continue with this work and help others, yes, and the rewards will be there for you; so I also add my grateful thanks to you for this."

"God bless you all."

What a priviledge it was to be spoken to by the 'High Visitor' can only be guessed at. I often feel, writing this many years later, that we have little idea of what the Spirit World is about and what goes on there. Of course, we shall all find out one day.