On The Right Path

Encouragement from Chang

Recorded in the Circle during March, 1988

Chang came and spoke to us the week after the communication from the High Visitor. Edith asked if he knew who he was.

"That I do not know. He was from the higher realm, the one that we have to work to achieve; and we work hard to achieve it. It takes many of, what you call years, before you can attain the height that, that person is on;he is all light." "We were very blessed that he came." somebody said. "Yes, you are honoured that he came. He came because he knows that what you do in your Circle has been for the benefit of other people and all the works that you do; you help all the time." "We thank him for coming." "Yes, he knows this."

One of the sitters said that the work was not done for any reward and that it was good to be able to be of some help and that to expect some reward was not the purpose of being in the Circle.

" Your rewards will come not in this life but when you come to our side. Your reward will be there for you, that I can assure you; you will get it."

"There are many walking your Earth that know nothing of your movement. They know nothing of the heart. They have no heart, some of them, and they walk a dangerous path and they will pay for it as you will be rewarded for your knowledge. That I tell you; take my word for it."

Chang was getting a little agitated, Margaret said "We do indeed".

John asked if they would realize that they had wasted their time on Earth when they returned to Spirit.

" They will know, they will know. They will have to atone for what they do, we all have to do that, this is why you people are on the right path. You will be accepted with open arms when you come over to us (a reward indeed) that I can assure you. Carry on with what you are doing; follow the right path and you will not be wrong or sorry." "Thank you for that." "You are welcome."

Margaret said that it gave us all great joy to help in any way.

"You help; you do good work. You have a lot of love all of you. You know that don't you? You spend your life thinking of others and they know; Spirit knows."

"There are many things that you have got to learn. It has taken me many years on this side of life to learn what I have learnt. What I learnt when I was on the Earth plane was nothing compared to what I have learnt over here and you will start to learn. You are on the right path now; you have started your path, carry on with it and you will be OK; you will go from strength to strength, that I promise you."

"That is a lovely thought."

"Always hold your hands out to people. Accept what they are, take them for what they are, do not decry them, let them follow their path, guide them if you can but if they will not listen then you have tried and that is all we ask."

John asked about the writing that Chang had mentioned at his last visit. Brian, when he was told what Chang had said, denied that he could ever do any writing. Chang did not share Brians worry. "WE have got to do this, we must try, we will try this one night (automatic writing); one night at your Circle we will try this. I am telling you it is going to work." (With Chang's confidence nobody had any doubt that it would be anything other than excellent.) "Just you wait and see."

Margaret said that we could try next time that we met. Chang was enthusiastic. "If that is what you wish bring your pens and your paper with you and we will try; I think the results will be interesting." "Good" said John."

"How is Grey Cloud?" (Grey Cloud is a young North American Indian who was the first to speak to us through Brian) "He is with us; he is with us here now beside me. He is always with Brian as you've been told, you should know that John." John replied that he knew that very well having spoken to Grey Cloud many times about his relationship with Brian and was only testing. Chang sounded a bit annoyed. "I will not answer questions that are not sensible." John said, trying to improve his humour "Grey Cloud thinks very highly of you." (He did say during one of his visits that Chang would teach us a great deal) "Yes, and me of him."

Edith mentioned that it was nice they were friends. "Brian knows what a friend he (Grey Cloud) has been to him since he has known about him; he has helped him in many ways as I will now." Paula (Brian's wife) asked if there was anything that they could do to improve the communications. "You have your own way of communicating, but you do not use it, do you? (Not the first time she has been told this) Paula said "I try."

"Oh no, you do not, you do not use it. You must put yourself out on a limb to do this. You must work at it, you must work harder." "I do work" said Paula a bit upset at another telling of from one of Brian's Guides. "Yes, you have a good gift, an excellent gift; you know this." Paula likes to say 'Oh no, I can't do that.'

( In the end John volunteered her to do the clairvoyance at a local church informing her afterwards. She was horrified but went along and did it, very nervous to begin with but it went very well. Now, a few years later, she has no fears at all.)

John said that he would like to do more; he felt that he had been in the Circle for a long time but did not seem able to develop any ability. Chang replied: "You have done many good things. You have helped this lady, you know that (reference to healing) as she knows it.

Edith said that it was difficult to come up to the standards that you would like to. "That is your life. I am afraid that is what happens in the Earth environment. You live in a shell (body), that shell is limited; you can only do what the shell allows you to do. When you come to our side of life you are free of that and you can go where you wish and do what you want, yes, and you will be happy, that I promise you; no Earthly ties."

Margaret said that we all benefited from his presence. Chang said "And I also. We benefit as well you know. I wouldn't be here without you and you are learning; learning the right ways of life."

" Yes, I will say goodnight to you now. God bless you all."