I Am Here - I D0 Exist

Chang Speaks to the Circle through Brian Williams

Recorded in the Circle

The Guide had linked with Brian but did not speak, so Edith said "How are you?". He replied "I am well, as always, I feel nothing and good health is with us in Spirit all the time. We do not suffer as you suffer, we only have our memories of pain as you will find when you come to us."

"We have someone missing tonight? It is the man John?" "Yes, he is on his way to America." "Yes, he will return refreshed, roaring to go." "Good."

"You have the love with you tonight, all of you." "Thank you". "Yes, there is a light with you tonight, a great light, it is there, it is there for you, accept it, it is for you only tonight." "How lovely, thank you." "You have this light, take it and put it in your hearts, carry it with you, it will enlighten you." "Thank you."

"Yes, it is good to be here again. I like coming to your Circle. We are here as one; all of us together. This will get very strong as time goes on you know. We will be able to achieve much, yes. Brian is the wall; he is the one we have to break down. When we break him down the sky will be the limit." (said with conviction) "That's wonderful; we think he will, don't you?." "He does try to stop me; he gets embarrassed you know." "He shouldn't." "He does though. He's a funny man but his heart is good and he knows that I am with him. He accepts me in his own mind but does not like to share me. Well, I am going to share myself!" "Good, we look forward to that"

"Yes, it is a great time this. Your world is now coming to a stage in its existence when things are going to have to change; you know this. There are many bad things upon your Earth at the moment and time has said that it must stop. You are going to destroy this world and yourselves if you do not do something about it. I think now people are beginning to realize that what they are doing is wrong. In the past they did what they wanted without any thought of the consequences; but now it must stop." "There is much bitterness and hatred at the present." "Yes. Man has always had this in his heart; it is one of the worst of the evils. Jealousy is a bad thing, it causes more trouble."

Lucy said "I think it is fear as well." "Intolerance: intolerance of other people, of other people's religion, other people's faults, other peoples beliefs; it is intolerance of this. Man is weak, very weak, but he will learn to get strong."

"Your science is now coming forward and bringing good things to the Earth and will help mankind eventually." "We need a lot of help." "Yes, and you are getting it. Follow the path that you are on now and you will get all the help that you want. You are on the right path and don't let anybody ever tell you any different. You are good people and you will be rewarded for all the work that you do, that I tell you."

Margaret said "The help that you give us is so great." "You; you are the one that helps, I am only an instrument for you to use."

Edith said "I saw this big light tonight." "You saw the light that I have for you, yes it is there, very strong. Follow it, take it with you when you go to your homes and you will benefit from it." "Thank you." "It is all for you, all of you." "Thank you." "There is love in it."

"I wish that I could let you see me so that we could put our hands out and join but that is not possible so we have to talk as we talk; but I am with you, please believe this. This is no voice in the wilderness talking, it is I, Chang, and I want you to know and believe that I exist and that I am with you." "We do know that." "Well, try and convince Brian." (Chang was speaking through Brian)

Margaret explained to Chang that what he said was recorded and Brian could listen to it later. "I know this." said Chang. "That might help him" said Edith. "It will. He has more confidence now in himself than when he started but he still has to go a long way, a long way to go yet; yes it will come." Lucy said "Well, he believes in his healing now." "Yes, his healing is good and it will get better; he has somebody with him who is a very good healer you know, one of his Guides, yes. I believe he was a surgeon when he was on the earth plane. Rowle his name is, Rowle."

"I will now leave you and I leave you with my blessing and my love, God bless you all."

Then Grey Cloud came and spoke through Brian. Grey Cloud is a young Indian brave who was appointed as Brian's lifetime guide.

"We have just been visited by our good friend, have we not?" "We have." "And I have come to speak to you tonight." "We have missed you." "I have missed you. Brian and myself communicate occasionally, not as much as I would like, but we do. I have come to tell you that I am still here, I still care for you and give my love to you all." "Thank you." "God bless you."

Grey Cloud then gave us the Indian blessing in his own language as he usually did when he left us.

The fact that Grey Cloud could do this showed that Brian's mind was not in the way. This is a good sign of a deep trance state which is quite rare and we were privileged to have Brian in the Circle.