Mention Of Missing Members

A short talk with Chang through Brian Williams

Recorded in the Circle during 1988.

"Good to see you and to speak with you."

"You are well all of you?" "Yes, thank you." "Good, as I am."

"We have missed each other for a few weeks?"

"Yes, we have, but we are together again now which I am pleased about."

"John has not come back to us yet?" (He was on holiday) "Another week" said Margaret.

"I think it will be longer than a week, yes; but he will come back to us revived and happy. He will be full of philosophy. Yes, a philosopher is John, yes. He has a very inquisitive mind, a good heart. He is a man that needs to search all the time. He cannot be satisfied with just the mundane things of life; he has to seek knowledge."

"But he passes it on." said Paula, Brian's wife.

"Yes, I know this. He is a learned man. He understands the world of physics and electronics, is it?"

"Yes, that's right."

"He does many good things for people in his own way. He has to do it his way though otherwise it is not understood." "I have not seen the lady that came many weeks ago; she has not come back to your Circle?"

"You mean Niki" said Lucy.

"That is what she is called."

"Yes, she has had her baby and she is coming back when she can leave the baby" added Margaret.

"She will be welcome, the more the merrier."

"That's right."

"I feel that Brian is a little weary tonight. He is making this hard work for me. He will have to take it steady; he is doing a little bit too much these last few weeks and he must slow down. Will you tell him for me?"

"Yes, we will tell him what you say."

"Thank you. I need him to be at full strength to come through the way that I want to come through. So, please, will you tell him to take it steady?"

"We will."

"Thank you."

"I will leave you now because I feel that it is not right that I carry on with him. He is feeling the strain, so I will say goodnight and God bless you."

"Thank you for coming."

"I will come again and see you. Please help Brian."

"We will."

At the time of writing this out - July 2000 - as a html document the words "Please help Brian" have taken on a greater significance as he is very ill with cancer and we are advised that he is going 'home'. Our thoughts go out to Paula.