The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

Chang pays a visit through Brian Williams

Recorded in the Circle

"We are getting stronger with our links, are we not?"


"You are my power, all of you. I need you to give out your love so that I may come through Brian to help you. If there is anything you wish to ask tonight please feel free to ask. I will try to answer any questions that you have."

Paula asked if it was a painful experience to die.

"It is no more painful than pricking your finger because you are here one minute and the next minute you are gone; the transition is very quick. It takes time for you to adjust when you get to our side but that is no problem; it depends on the person. You have nothing to fear, my love, you will be alright when you pass. You have the knowledge and the wisdom of the Spirit World to be able to pass peacefully and with honour."

Edith asked if that applied to everyone.

"It depends on how you die. If you die violently then you need a longer period to adjust when you come to our side because you cannot accept the fact that you are here (in the Spirit World). If you have died slowly in your bed and you know that you are dying then you will accept the fact when you come to our side that you have passed through the veil into our side of life."

"Does it make any difference if you are buried or cremated?"

"Absolutely no difference at all. The body is discarded the minute you pass, it is no good, it is just a wasted shell, yes. You cannot do without it while you are here (on the Earth) though. People burn to death violently and they have to accept the fact that they have been burnt to death and they take time, as I said before, to adjust to the other side, but they do eventually, as we all do, as you all will. There are people that have been burnt many times without their knowledge, without asking for it, they were burnt to death, yes, and you know who we are talking about. (??)

Someone mentioned animals.

"Yes, they are the most persecuted things on this Earth."

Margaret said that many of the prayers were for them.

"The Spirit World watch over them, you know. We feel for the animals in your world because you abuse them terribly; they have no souls as you have but they go to a big group soul where they are as one. But they live as you live, they feel as you feel, and they hurt as much as you hurt. So if you have the chance at any time to put people at the bottom of the list that hurt animals then I recommend that you do this."

"We very much hope to be reunited with our animals as well as those we love" said Margaret.

" You will be reunited with whom you wish when you come to this side of life; as you want so you get."

"They come and see us sometimes" continued Margaret.

"Yes, they are with you now in this room. It is the love that you give that brings them you know. As I have said before, love is the most powerful force in the universe and it keeps the universe together. The universe is a vast place and you people are not the only ones that exist in it; there are millions and millions of races like yourselves, some slightly different and some the same, but they all have one common purpose; love."

Lucy said that she had read that while people on the earth plane have got memories of their animals that they stayed as individual animals until that person goes over.

"Yes, and then they go to the group soul."

As I understand it an animal that has been loved by a human is given the power to sustain its individuality after death by our love for it. You will be able to meet that animal when you go over because of the original love which you gave to the animal and that will attract it to you. As Chang says, animals do not have an advanced soul such as we have, so when all who have loved that animal move on into the stage after the one that you share with the animal it just loses interest and gives up. Then it blends in with the group soul of that animal. This only my thoughts at the time based upon the information that has come my way.

Margaret asked if animals waited for you to go over.

"They stay with you until you are ready to pass over then they will leave your side. If you have loved them they will love you; they respond to love as you do. Don't we all blossom on love?"

Lucy asked if Chang could see into the future.

"I can see as far as I want see."

Lucy went on to ask if America and Russia would ever get on together as there was news that there were talks taking place between these two nations. Chang said that he did not understand the question so Lucy had to explain a bit about what was going on saying that America was suspicious of everything.

"They are all suspicious; are you not suspicious of people that you do not know?"

"No, I don't think so" said Lucy.

" All of us, when we were on the Earth plane, had these suspicions of other people. (1500 years ago). It is good that you try and get rid of them, but it is part of the human nature to be suspicious of another person. But what you are trying to say will come about; they will see eye to eye and there will be peace. There will be no more wars as long as you are here, I can tell you that, there will be peace upon this Earth." (About the time of this talk Iraq is surrounded by troups of the United Nations.) "Man has learnt his lesson a little bit more each time (there is a war) now he knows that final destruction would be on his doorstep if he ever tried again. They know this and people are working to the ends that they will get rid of war. It will come eventually, not just yet, but it will come. I promise you with all my heart. Your world will not be destroyed as many of your prophets and soothsayers have said in the past; the world will be here for ever. As long as your sun is in existence your world will be here, but by that time man will have gone from this Earth to the far corners of the universe, that I tell you."

Paula mentioned Nostradamus.

"He was a man far seeing; far looking into the future. He was right. It is your interpretations of his writings and his philosophies that are wrong."

What about the Bible someone asked?

"Yes, the Bible was written by man for man and used by man. But it has been, like other things, over time it has been used and abused, yes, the stories that you get in there were all true. But as you know if you pass a story round for long enough it comes back completely opposite from what you sent out; this is what has happened to your Bible. It is a good Book; it helps people to be good and it keeps them loving other people, so what it says is good, whether it is the truth or not, it works."

Margaret asked about her progress in the Circle as she felt that she was not developing.

" You are one of the people that has the heart of a Goddess, that I can tell you; you are honoured by Spirit, as you all are, but you have done your work for Spirit. You have helped this man, (Brian) who I am talking through to your Circle. You have welcomed him and made him feel at ease and he has progressed because of you. You have done your work, you have done it well. You must not have any recriminations about anything that you have done in your life. Please accept this."

"It is only a desire to be more helpful" Margaret said.

" You are helpful, take my word for it, you are helpful; please accept this, do not worry."

A long pause followed. Chang said "We have silence?"

"We are learning a lot this evening" said Margaret.

" If you have no more questions I will leave you until next week; if you have anything that you want to know in the week that is ahead of us if you will put it in your mind and ask I will try and help you. I will tell you as I see it. Just remember that I am one spirit amongst millions and millions. I only can tell you what I have learnt, what I understand and what I know. Do not accept it as the end of the universe because there are other philosophies that will be given to you by other spirits through other mediums. They are all right, they are all on the same theme. Just remember that all life stems from love; if you remember this your life will be good to you. God bless you and I will say goodnight to you. God bless you."

We all said "Goodnight and God bless you" to Chang.

With my scientific background I found the statement 'that we will have gone to the ends of the Universe by the time the sun completes its life' quite interesting. How far ahead is that I wonder. J.H.