Someone Needs Help

A Rescue through Brian Williams

Recorded in the Circle

This person had difficulty coming through Brian. At first the words were very slow and quiet and, as he said that he did not know where he was, we thought he might be a rescue case. This turned out to be correct.

"I have come; this is my first time. I will have to try and come through, yes, with your love. I cannot move forward. I have to have your help. Will you help me? I need you."

"Why am I here? You are living in a world of evil and bad intentions towards other men, I do not wish this to be in my life. Your world has not learned one lesson in its history. You still kill, maim, slaughter, hurt, debauch; there is a list that is endless. It is not a good world that you live in. You will be glad when you come to our side of life; it does not exist where I am."

We told him that things were not as bad as that and it was getting better. We asked him who he was. It took him sometime to reply and he had a few trys at saying his name. Perhaps it was such a long time since he was asked who he was that he was not quite sure what his name had been on the earth plane. It sounded like Christofolese.

"I need peace!"

"There is peace here friend."

"I will take your peace, God will be with me, I need him as you do, yes, you have him, I need him. God help me, please help me."

We told him to look for the "light" and he asked where it was.

Lucy told him that it was just in front of him a little way up. We told him that love would lead him. He said that he had no love. We told him that he had our love and it would lead him to the light.

"God help me!" he exclaimed.

Lucy said "He will; he is helping you, friend. The fact that you have come to our Circle will help you."

"Poor man I am; I am a poor man!"

Paula said "Take our love friend."

"Yes, I will do this if it will help me, I will take it."

Lucy said "It is already helping you friend, it is leading you on."

"It is calling me, Christofus, I am coming, yes, peace. I want you to help me. God is near, I feel him."

John said that God is everywhere.

"Not with me he hasn't been!"

Paula said "Go with our Spirit friends to the light. Ask for Anna, she will help you". (Anna is a Nun who links with Paula)

"One more chance" he said.

Then he cried out "I see it! (the light) I will go!".

We tried to calm him down.

Lucy came across and took hold of his hands saying "I am just going to touch you friend and hold your hands, you will see the light and follow it".

He said "I see it"

Lucy replied "That's it, just take one step at a time towards it and you will be at peace. Our love goes with you and will help you. God bless you friend. Follow the light and leave your instrument. God bless you".

So he went on his way into the light and slowly Brian came back to us.

He must have had a bad time when he was on the Earth as he thought it was an evil place. He may have been brought by his helpers as he did not know where he was; he certainly did not want to be back on Earth. As he was unable to see the "light" of the Spirit World he could only see the light of the Earth plane and so he was able to see the light of the Circle. It is a great privilege to help people in this way, giving a sense of achievement, and the knowledge that we really can help those who are "lost" on the other side of life. J.H.