Some Healing for Mary

It's not all talk

Recorded in the Circle

"You have a little one in your midst who needs help. You come to me; take my hands little one."

Mary went across the Circle to Brian who was holding out his hands.

"I will send the power of Spirit through this man's body into yours. Take the healing that is given to you; it is given with love from Spirit."

"You have had many problems, my child, but you are brave and fearless and you have worn life well; you are to be blessed because you are superior in many ways, so please hold your head as high as you can because you are full of love and understanding for other people that sometimes do not have the love and understanding for you. You will be rewarded for all your patience and heartaches that you have had in your life. Please accept Spirits love; it is given to you now and for always.God bless you my child; God bless you.

Many people give healing but on this occasion we were shown that Spirit really do work through earth instruments. It is not known who it was who came through Brian to give healing to Mary that evening but it was a lesson to us all that healing and love go together. The guide said that the power would be sent through this man's body into the recipients; this is always true even if the source of the healing power is unknown or not recognised. Healing is always from spirit, through spirit, to spirit. The person who practices healing is only the intermediary in the process and therefore is not responsible for the healing but mearly the administrator. Those who practice healing gather around them a band of helpers on the spirit side who wish to help that person with healing. As these links are strengthened so the power increases. Again the laws of like attracts like come into play this time between the person on earth and those who help in Spirit. J.H.