We Come to Bid you Goodbye

Brian and Paula's last visit before emigrating to the USA

Recorded in the Circle on the 10th of May, 1989.

An unknown speaker:

"I have come tonight to say a special thank you for the work that you have done in your circle. It is good that you have done this work; there is much that you will have to do in the future. You will know that I have helped you all with what you have done and seen. I am here to thank you and to bless you all for the work you have done."

"Thank you."

"I say now that this man that I am speaking through will go forward and work for Spirit the way we want him to; he has now reached the stage where he can do this, but it is with your help and understanding and caring that he has done this so I will say thank you and God bless you all."

"God bless you."

Then Kevin, who is 11 years old, came to say good-bye:

"I've come again; good isn't it? I'm not going to be able to come and see you again am I? But I shall love you always and I will always care what you think of me and what you think of other people and your friends, but I will always care and I will always love you and if sometimes you can think of me I will know and I will be pleased."

Someone who was new the circle asked who was speaking.

"I'm Kevin; you know me, I'm Kevin. Ha ha. I've been here sometimes, haven't I?"

We all agreed that he had been before and somebody said that he was going to school. Kevin did not think much of this.

"Oh no, I don't go to school anymore; I'm not going there. I didn't like school, no, school and me were miles apart, no. I don't have to go over here too much, they try to teach me but I want to stay as I am."

Margaret said that as long as he was happy that was alright.

"Yes, I am, and you people, you will know what happiness is one day, you know. You experience happiness on your side of life but it's nothing like what you get here I can tell you; you can have what you want, Ha ha. I'm going to miss you, I am, I'm going to miss you, but I suppose that other people will enter Brian's life and I shall meet them, and I shall be pleased about that."

Margaret said that they would love him too.

"I've been told that I have got to go now, I don't want to and I'm reluctant to go but I must do as I am told so I will say, no, I won't say goodbye I will say au revoir, I think that is the word that I should use, and I will say that one day we will be able to meet again. So I will say God bless you all and thank you for having me."

Chang came last:

"I also wish to thank you for the help that you have given Brian with his work. He has achived much, I know this, and it is with your help and understanding that has done it. So I will say God bless you and keep yourselves happy in your lives and hopfully we will be able to meet again one day but until then I will say God bless you all.

Included here is the short message from an unknown speaker, through Lucy, that was given at the next meeting. We were missing the presence of Brian and Paula.

"You are working in your various ways trying to link up with the Spirit World and wondering whether you will ever succeed. Well, we want to tell you that you are in touch already, it is a question of recognizing it and acknowledging what you can see and what you feel."

"As we come into your conditions so we bring with us our love and a blessing to each of you. We do not usually speak through this instrument but we wanted to do so tonight because we know you are feeling the miss of your friends. They have their destiny to fulfill and our work is with them but we did want to assure you that you are safe in your Circle and that they realise that they have been privileged to join you for a short while. Their work will involve a lot of sacrifice on their part; they will not find the conditions altogether easy but they will be doing the work that we want them to do and we shall be working through them. Thank you for sending your love to them which I know they will keep and that it will help them over the first few difficult months of their new life."

"Our last message to you is to say thank you for what you have done for them. You have made it possible for Brian to help some of the unfortunates and he is much more confident now than he was at the beginning."

"So we will leave you with our blessing."

"Goodnight and God bless each one of you."