Rowle's First Visit

A Helper for Brian

Recorded in the Circle

The person who had linked with Brian struggled to speak to us.

"I find this hard. It is strange to be here. I am hurting trying to speak with you. I cannot see you, but I can feel your presence near me."

"Yes, and our love" we said.

"I also give you my love."

"Thank you."

"I will try and come stronger. Yes, it is hard the first time; once I know now how it is done I will come again. My name is Rowle. I bless you all, God be with you."

"And with you friend."

"I must go now; can't hold this."

"We look forward to seeing you again."

"Peace be with you."

"Peace be with you; go in light and peace."

Then Grey Cloud linked with Brian and spoke to us about Rowle.

"He said he would come. He was told that this would be the time for him to enter the Earth. He will come again. He is pleased that you have accepted him. He will try and help you with your healing that you need when you are sick; if you call for him he will help you. I am glad that Brian has accepted him. He will be able to help him with his healing. It will be good that they both work together. It is nice for you to be able to hear his voice. God bless you all. I will come with you again next time we meet; it is not ready for conversation this week. Bless you all."

We later learnt that Rowle had been an eminent surgeon during his life on earth. Grey Cloud we all knew. He had been, or was, a young, 18 year old, North American Indian brave who was killed in a fight with Apaches. He is Brian's lifetime guide. In other meetings Grey Cloud told me that he had been apointed as Brian's constant companion - everybody has one - and what it was like for him to be in that role.