I Will Be With Him Always

First conversation with Peter

Recorded in the Circle during February, 1989

"I have come to see you tonight. You have questions for me that you want answered? If you ask I will try and answer them for you. I have had my life taken from me when I was young. This (speaking through Brian) is new to me. If you want to know who I am my name is Peter. I have not been before but I will always be with him (Brian). Now that I am through I will stay with him for…eternity is the word that you use. It is good that I come because he needs help with his work. I will try and help when I can. If you have questions please ask me, I will try and answer them."

John asked if Peter would tell us about himself and where he lived when he was on the Earth.

Peter replied "I have no recollection of where I lived. There was no name that I can repeat in your language that would cover where I lived but it was in the countries far, far away to the East."

Paula asked if he lived a long time ago.

"I have been in Spirit for many, many of your Earth years. I think you would call the number thousands."

"Do you know what nationality you were?" asked Edith.

Peter said "I have no recollection of the country as you know it. It was east of the 'Pillars of Hercules'. It was a good county to live in, we had a good life. Mine was cut short because I did not listen to what I was told."

John asked if he died in an accident.

"I fell off a high piece of ground. I did not listen to my conscience or my mother or father."

Edith asked how old he was when this happened.

"I had not aged as you know age. I had my swift feet to run with, my arms were strong, my back was straight and my brain was clear. I think I was young. It is good to hear voices again and to speak with people from your side of life. It has been a long time learning the ways of Spirit but I have come now and I will be here with him for always."

"What kind of work are you going to do with him" enquired Paula. As Paula is Brian's wife this was more than a passing interest.

"I am going to help him with his work with Spirit. He has not yet got enough confidence to be able to stand out amongst a crowd to say what he thinks and what he should do. I will help him with this. He knows he must do it and he still lacks the confidence, but it will come."

Margaret said that he would be going with Brian to another country. (America)

Peter replied "I know not of this. It is good that he is happy though. He has had many hardships in his life but that will be over; his path is clear for the future. I will tell you that he has many gifts that he does not know of yet and they are coming. They are coming to the full and you will know before he leaves you."

"We are very pleased, thank you Peter" we all said.

"I will go and help my brothers now. I will come again. I am pleased that you have accepted me into your Circle. I am happy with you all. I will say may God keep you and protect you for always; and He will if you ask."

"Thank you Peter" we replied. "God Bless you."

As I write this out as a HTML document I am intrigued by the statment 'for eternity'. You 'lose' a friend when they die. I have just lost a friend that way. I am aware that I will meet that person again but many people are not. Consider having a friend in a state where nobody dies and there is no time. Then being a friend for ever (eternity) makes sense. Peter's statment, which he had a problem expressing, of 'I will stay with him for…eternity' makes sense when viewed from his perspective. J. H.