Chang's Second Visit

I have come and I want to help you.

Recorded through Brian Williams in the Circle 27th January, 1988

"You have heard my voice before, yes? I am Chang."

"God bless you Chang" we all said.

"You will hear plenty of words from me from now on. We have come tonight to tell you that Brian is going to be able to bring me through many times now. He will be pleased I know."

"Yes, he said that he would like you to come back" Lucy replied.

"Yes, we will work as one. You are all very good people, I am pleased that I have come to you."

"Thank you" somebody said.

"I know I have many things to say but he (Brian) has to be ready for that; he will know. He has to let me take complete control of him before I can be able to do it; that he has to learn. But he will; he will know. He fights against me sometimes but he will be able to stop that soon and I will be able to do what I want to do, and that is to help you all with your lives; with all the things that you want to do; your philosophies. I am pleased; I am pleased. I am extremely happy that I am here."

"So are we" we all said. "I have waited many years for this; many, many years and sometimes I thought it would never happen but it has and now I am happy as you will be. I will not let you down."

John reminded Chang that he told us he was a writer.

"Yes. I was a philosopher, a writer as you call them. Many years ago; many, many years ago. It was an old world when I was here, a very old world, many years ago. It is good, I like this. (Chang was referring to linking with Brian and he was smiling so we all laughed with him) It is good to be in a body."

Margaret said to him "You have said that before"

"Yes. I like it."

Margaret went on to say that she was grateful for the healing that she received from Brian.

"Yes, but he has friends who help also."

John said to Chang that Brian had thought there was somebody helping him this evening.

"But you help, my brother."

"I try."

"You do, you do. You have good powers and your mind is on the right wavelength as well. We have many things to tell you. One day we can all sit down and have a long, long talk. Then you will not be able to stop me."

"We shan't want to" said Margaret "We have so much to learn."

"I am happy!"

"So are we."

John enquired if Chang knew of the work that he was doing with these talks. (This was before the Internet)

"Yes. I know of the works and they are good works John."

John asked if Chang would work with him.

"Yes, when the time comes we will do this. And the lady (Lucy) over in the corner, we work with her as well."

Lucy said that she thought she was coming to the finish of her work.

"No! No, you haven't started yet; many years for you yet."

Lucy said that she did not want too many years.

"Well, they are there though! And with health and happiness."

"Thank you."

"As you all will get."

Margaret asked if we would all be able to help a little.

"Yes, you all help. That is why you are all here! I will leave you now, yes, I will go now. I will come again, make no mistake on that, I will come again. God bless you all and peace be with you all."

You may notice how optimistic Chang is. Everything is going to be good. Everything is positive. I have noticed that most of the communications from Spirit are like this. I sometimes wonder if they read our minds and tell us what we want to hear and are just a load of 'yes' men. On the other hand I have sat in Paula and Brian's home having an improptu circle, just the three of us, and listened to Grey Cloud telling Paula off for not using her gifts - Paula is a 'no, no' person - and Paula arguing with him about it. In fact that is the only occasion I can remember somebody on earth having a heated 'discussion' with somebody in Spirit.

Those of us who sit in Circles should challenge thsoe who come and speak (test ye the spirits) and not accept everything that comes in. If you accept any old thing then that is what you will get.