You Will Know Goodness

Some words by Chang through Brian Williams

Recorded in the Circle September 6th, 1988

"I have come again to see you tonight.

You have many things that you have knowledge of and many things that you do not know, but I will tell you that, in time, all will be revealed to you as you progress through life.

You will know what it is to know goodness and to know that what you do for others is being felt by them and that you are giving them all that you can give them.

You have taken your lives and you have put them into the hands of Spirit. You will be rewarded for this because we are grateful for all the work that you have done for us.

You will continue to do this and we will be pleased with you.

God be with you all and God bless you."

This short message of appreciation for what we are trying to do, both in the Circle and in our daily lives, must apply to all those who are trying to bring about a better state of affairs on the Earth.

If we say the Lord's Prayer, when we come to the line 'Thy Kingdom come on Earth, as it is in Heaven' it is up to us who are on the Earth to bring this about. So many think that 'God' will intervene and then all will be put 'right'. If God is 'everything that is' then we are the part of God which is inhabiting a physical body on the earth; so, if we do something about it, 'God' is intervening in the state of worldly affairs. It just needs enough of us to realised that we are part of 'God' and get on with it.

'God', whatever that is, is not going to intervene as that would take away our free will, which defeats the whole purpose of our being on the earth. J. H.