I Hear the Robin Sing

A jovial meeting

Recorded in the Circle during September, 1988

The person who had linked with Brian opened the conversation.

"You are my friends?"

"Yes we are."

" I am glad of that. You have seen and heard me before, no?"

"I don't think we have."

" I have only been once before. Happiness is my pleasure tonight, yes? I am happy when I come to you.


" I feel light and happy; we will sing! I like to sing."

"You would like us all to sing?"

" I would like you all to sing."

"What would you like us to sing?"

"You sing what you want and we will all sing it together. [He started to sing a song none of us knew] I have heard the Robin sing.

We did our best to join in and he seemed to have forgotten the words as well.

"Go! Go!"

We all gave up as we did not know the words or the tune.

"Beautiful! I like to hear music."

"Did you sing that song when you were here" said John hoping to get him off singing.

"Yes. It is the gift from Heaven you know, music; a gift from Heaven. Yes, we have beautiful music our side. You choose what you want to hear and it is there for you to hear. We have some talented people this side; some very talented people. You have a few your side."

Paula asked if they were able to help us. (She plays the organ at home)

"Yes, those that link into them, they help. It is the same with them as it is with you; you link in with your guides and they tell you what they know and they teach you what they know. The people that link into the musicians are the ones that learn the music and know what it is to play well. But I like music. I think it is a gift from Heaven and it makes me feel happy and good."

"Did you play an instrument or did you just sing" asked Paula.

"Sadly I did not play. I used to sing and make a noise that offended other people, but it pleased me. It is good to talk with you again. It is a little while since we talked, yes. I will make it more often when I can. I will have to join the queue; there are many here. You have your own people with you, they are with you at all times and they will come through. Sometimes they will come through others and sometimes they will come through to you. But you will feel them when they come to you; you will feel and know. Although you already know this, don't you, some of you? Some of you feel, don't you? This one (Brian) only talks!"

Margaret said that she looked forward to being closer to Spirit and being of more service.

"Yes! I wish that we could do more together, Spirit and Human life, it would be good. It would be a better world if we could combine forces to treat evil the way it should be treated. If we could do this the Universe would be the place of Paradise; but it will come in time."

"I think we are getting a little bit closer" said Margaret.

"Yes, we are. There is still much to overcome but it is being conquered slowly. I am being called back! God be with you and God bless you all."

I wonder who called him back?