Chang's Life on Earth

He tells us about his life on earth and anwers some question. Through Brian Williams

Recorded in the Circle during 1988

"I am glad to be with you again and I give greetings to our new brother and sister; you are welcome. God bless you both. If you have any questions that you would like to ask me I am at your service. Tell me what you want to know. If you have no questions I will try and tell you about my life. You have no questions?"

Lucy said that it was difficult to think of something on the spur of the moment.

"I will tell you about my life."

"I was born into a very, very poor family. I had to work from a very early age. I worked on the land and we had to get up very early in the morning and go to bed late at night. It was hard work but my father had better ambitions for me so he sent me to, what you would call, a school. It was only for rich people but my father sold his land and his house to pay for this. He died very early but he gave me the education that I needed."

"From there I went to work in the local, what you would call, magistrates court. It was a place where they brought criminals that had not committed very bad offences, but just petty crimes. From there I went to a High Court. There I became the head, you would call him clerk, I presume, then, from there, I was taken to the Court of the Ruler of the Province at that time and there I learnt to read about Astronomy, Science and Philosophy."

"I also worked in hospitals and we had a bad epidemic of, it would be what you call Yellow Fever. Yes. I believe that would be a translation. It was very, very bad. Many, many people died but I survived and from there I opened my own school to teach children that were bright; they did not have to have money. If they had the ability, as I saw it, I took them in and I taught them what I thought they should know. Then I did pass into Spirit. That is my life."

Someone asked where that was.

"I lived in a place called Manchuria in a Province of Sharling; it is a very small province and I do not know if it is still in existence but that is where I lived many, many years ago. There was no such thing as dating in my time. We worked by the calendar of the sun; it did not have dates as such. We worked on Dynasties and periods of time with all sorts of names given to them. Animals and creatures of all sorts."

A sitter asked if that was the Chinese Calendar.

"No! The Calendar was done many years before I was born. It is old, very, very old."

Someone asked who was speaking.

"Chang, my name is Chang. You ask this and you have been told before?"

Paula asked if Chang could say what his mission was now as, being Brian's wife, she had an interest

"My mission is to try and enlighten you about the Spirit World. That is why I ask you to ask me questions; I will tell you what I have in my knowledge. As I have told you before we do not see all. We are not all powerful; we are limited, as you are on your earth plane. We have stages that we have to go through; you are going through yours and I am going through mine."

One of the sitters said he seemed to be at a standstill in his understanding.

"You will know through time as everybody has to. Everything takes time. It is, as you call it, practice makes perfect. This is what you must do but please do not ever loose sight that Spirit exists, because it does exist. This man here (Brian) doubts that sometimes but he has a few shocks, yes."

John mentioned the people in the Grey Places, as Brian had done some rescue work, and enquired about their situation.

"I listen to your conversation on that (I have no idea as to what that was now) and you were right in what you said. They are entities that have passed into Spirit of their... {own hand ?} Sorry, I am wrong. They are spirits that do not want to stay here; they want to return to the Earth or they do not wish to come to Spirit because they do not believe we exist, but they have to wait a time and then they will come. Some you can help, others nobody can help."

Lucy said that they have to help themselves.

"Yes! Many don't. Many do not have the power or the capability to help themselves and they stay there for ever. Your world would call it Hell? Yes. This is where they stay and they stay there for eternity.

"Not even if they ask for help?" asked Edith

"Yes, if they ask for help they get it but some of them do not. As I have said, they do not have the capabilities to ask or the knowledge to ask and they reject anything out of hand. If they do this then that is where they end up."

Someone asked about coming back to the Earth.

"You can choose to come back if you wish. I do not wish to come back; not yet anyway; I have many, many years in Spirit yet, Earth years, before I decide whether I want to come back or not, but I doubt it very much. It is not a pretty world at the moment. I think that if I come back I will wait until it is a more enlightened world. One like we had. We had our wars and we had our differences. I am hoping that in the near future, sorry, in the far future, because it will be the far future, that man will come to realise how futile and stupid war is. "

Mick asked if Chang could add anything to the message that he (Mick) had been a Tibetan monk in a previous life.

"I cannot help you with this. You must search your own helpers. They will know what you have been. As I have said we do not see all. I know what Brian has had in his life and I know his family around but that is my limit. I am sorry I cannot help you with that question."

John asked if he had been in the Halls of Learning.


"Are they actual buildings, like libraries, with people reading books?"

"You have an imagination of a Hall in your mind?"


"Well, if you think, in Spirit, what you want then it will be. Your Hall of Learning will be different from mine because I see my Hall of Learning, you will see yours."

John said "If you take that idea of everyone seeing things as they want to then you could say that everyone is really on their own and everything and everybody they come into contact with is just a product of their own imagination."

"No, this is not so. You are at peace with yourself. If you wish to be with others you will be with others and if you wish peace and quite you can have that. It is difficult to explain to you how this works. It will be explained to you when you come to Spirit; you will see for yourself. Man does not have the knowledge to understand such things; it is only when you pass to Spirit when it is given to you by right. Until you die, no."

Paula asked if it was a purely thought world.

"It is purely power. It is based on power; love and power. It is the power of the Universe; the Creator of all things."

John asked if he could ask about the Akashic Records.

"You can ask what you wish John!

"Yes. Do these actually exist. Is all the things that have happened and all the knowledge that there is stored for access if you wish to understand and know?"

"We have our libraries, as you have yours on Earth. There the knowledge that has come from the beginning of the Universe is stored in the these libraries; but do not think that they are libraries as you know libraries because the comprehension is completely out of context."

"Do you have to go to the library to access the knowledge or can you access the knowledge from anywhere?"

"I can go when I wish. I like to travel."

John then asked a question about a twin bother who was not born and Chang said that he did not know anything about that and went on to say:

"This is something you must seek from your own Guides. If you can contact a good Medium they will be able to help you with this. I now feel that Brian is getting very strained so I will say goodnight to you all and God bless you all."

I thought for a long time about his father who gave up everything to educate his son; what a wonderful man.