A Conversation with Grey Cloud

He's a stubborn man!

Recorded in the Circle

"I have come tonight to see. I have not been for a short while but I am with you now".

"We are pleased to see you" we said.

"You are all well"?

"Yes, thank you" we replied.

"Good! The lady that uses this house does not sit with you tonight"?

"No. She has got a cold" said John. (Margaret was not well that evening)

"We will help her, yes, you may tell her this."

John said that there was only four of us there that evening including Brian who the visitor, Grey Cloud, was linking with.

"And me" he added, "I am here"

"Sometimes I wonder how many people are actually here" confided John

"There are a lot behind me, all waiting to speak, and they will one day. Chang is with me; he is by my side. It was my turn tonight I told him."

Lucy said "Well we're glad you've come."

"I also am glad. Brian has been talking to me quite a lot these last few weeks. He has a worry that he is trying to get over. I tell him not to worry and that what he wants will be here soon but he does not listen to me. Stubborn man he is! A very stubborn man; but he is learning. He knows now that I am with him and that I exist and if you can tell him that I am with him he might listen to you more than me. I ask for you to do this."

John said that he would tell Brian what he had said. John further enquired as to what it was that Grey Cloud said in a foreign language when he left. We had assumed that it was an Indian blessing. Grey Cloud had told us that he was a Pawnee Indian. Grey Cloud said that he did not understand the question. John rephrased the question. Grey Cloud then said the short phrase and John said that was it.

"What does it mean" asked John.

"Gods blessings upon you" informed Grey Cloud.

"Is that the language that you spoke when you were on Earth?" asked John.

"Yes, it is my natural language."

John went on the explain to Grey Cloud that in speaking a language which Brain did not know would help Brian to accept that it was not 'all in his head'.

"We must look into this for him then. The Indian language was universal throughout the country that I lived in."

For some reason that is all there is of this talk.

One of the characterisicts of a true deep trance medium is the use of languages that the medium does not know or, as in this case, has never heard. This is not the only case of Brian's communicators using foreign, and possibly dead languages.