Kevin's Christmas Visit

Through Brian Williams

Recorded in the Circle near Christmas

"Oh! It is nice to see you" said John.

"It's smashing. I like this" said Kevin who had linked with Brian.

"We like it when you come" added John.

"Oh! I like you all you know" went on Kevin. "It's a long time since I've been, isn't it?"

"Yes" we all said. "Couple of months" added Edith.

"They don't let me come too often 'cause I makes a nuisance of myself" laughed Kevin, really beginning to enjoy himself. We all said that he was no bother at all. Whether the other Guides agreed with us we had no idea, but suspected not.

"I am pleased that you are pleased that I am here. It's nice to know that you are wanted and cared for. There's not much caring in your world these days is there?"


"They tell us here that it is not very good to go back (to the earth plane) but I'm enjoying myself so I will come if I want to" exclaimed Kevin enthusiastically. "You've got your Christmas coming, haven't you? I liked Christmas when I was there 'cause my Dad always used to buy me lots of presents. We didn't have a lot of money but he did his best for me. And, and, I used to sneak downstairs early in the morning so that I could open them before they knew I was down there but my Dad used to get annoyed at that so I had to stop it."

Someone in the Circle asked a question to which Kevin replied "Oh! I don't know. Umm, I don't really know. There was no, what you call them. motor cars or televisions is it? Yes, no we didn't have those; no'r the wireless, no, no."

John asked if he could remember the village that he lived in.

"I lived in Cornwall" said Kevin sounding a bit fed up as he had told us that before on a previous occasion.

"I know that" exclaimed John. "But whereabouts?"

"A place called. Ooh! I've got to think. It was called Rouston, was it?" Kevin was not very sure about the name of the place. (I don't suppose it would be very important to an eleven year old boy who lived in the country.)

"Rawlceston" suggested somebody.

"Yes. I think that was it" replied Kevin glad that that was over. "I didn't take much notice of things like that.

"Who was the Prime Minister?" asked an enquiring mind.

"Oh! I don't know!" exploded Kevin. "You don't have to ask me questions like that! Gor-Blimey!"

Edith offered "Did you like living in Cornwall?"

"I loved Cornwall. I used to love the fishing and I used to go on the horses with my Dad, and we loved the farm, and I liked to feed the cattle in the winter, and we done lots of nice things" enthused Kevin, having calmed down.

"That sounds like before the first world war" said Edith.

"I know not of this war; we didn't have no world wars, no." Kevin sounded puzzled but then he remembered something and exclaimed "My Dad was in the army when he was a young man though. Yes. He said he fought somebody called, the Fuzzy-Wuzzies, he used to call them. Ha, ha!" Kevin thought this was very amusing.

"What have you been doing since you came last them?" enquired John as the previous topic seemed to have dried up.

"Oh, I've been doing lots. I have to go to school you see because I am still learning but I get out of that if I can because I don't really like school. I'm not that sort of person. I'd rather work with animals on the farm and with other tiny children."

"So you play truant now and again do you?" asked Edith.

"If I can" confided Kevin. "But here you can't get away with it. They know where you are!" This really amused Kevin so we all had a good laugh with him.

"So you have to do things you don't like then?" asked Caroline.

"Oh yes. I have to do lots of things I don't like.. but I like coming here 'cause you lot make me laugh! Ha, ha."

We all joined in the laughter with him.

Kevin went on "We have to do all sorts of things that will teach us to be a better kind of person; that's what they tell me. Or if I come back to the earth plane, and so that I may go forward in Spirit" reeled off Kevin as if he was tired of hearing it. "I don't care whether I go forward, or not!" he exclaimed, his voice going up an octave with his enthusiasm.

"I'm told I must go now."

"Oh dear" said John. "Who's telling you to go?"

"I don't know. There's somebody pushing me so I will have to go. I will say God bless you all and I want you to have a super, super Christmas. And I will come and see you after Christmas and I will tell you my Christmas. God bless you."

"God bless you Kevin" we all replied.

It was all rather quiet after he had gone.

If you know your history you will know that the 'Fuzzie-Wuzzies' was about the time Kevin was alive on the Earth. Also the phrase - Or if I come back to the earth plane, and so that I may go forward in Spirit which Kevin rattled off must be something he was being told in Spirit and was tired of hearing it. Actually he summed up why we are here as we have 'come back to the earth plane in order that we may go forward in Spirit'.