It's Marvelous This Spirit Power

Another conversation with Chang through Brian Williams

Recorded in a Home Circle in the U.K.

"I come to talk with you again" said Chang. Lucy replied "It's very nice of you to come."

"I have not been with you for quite a while" continued Chang. "No" said Lucy; always one for the truth. "It is good to speak with you again; God bless you all." "God Bless you" we all replied.

"I have love in my heart for you all; it is good that you are here. I enjoy speaking with you and I like to hear you talk to me."

Edith queried "Have you been busy since we last spoke to you?" always interesting to ask people in the Spirit World what they get up to. " I have had my work to do, yes. It is not as you call work, but I work with power that you do not have. It is a power that comes from the universe and it will be yours one day." "We shall look forward to that" said Lucy always ready to leave this earth life. "It is good to have this power; you can do what you want, when you want, how you want; you can go where you want when you want. It is good." Sounds marvelous" said Edith "It is" said Chang with the satisfaction of knowing that it was. "It is, as you would call it, Heaven sent" said Chang thinking further comment was in order.

"Do you do this on your own or is there a group of you" asked John looking for more information as usual. "It is as I choose, as I choose" replied Chang who continued "If I wish company I have company, if I wish solitude, solitude is mine."

"Do you send this power to the Earth" asked Lucy going back to the power that she was looking forward to. "Earth conditions can only accept part of the power that we send. It is not feasible for you to take all the power; it is not usable on your side of life." "What do you use it for?" another sitter asked "We try to help all creatures that live throughout the universe as well as on your earth. It is based on the power of love and good. It can be used for other purposes if you wish but we fight against this as you fight against your enemies, but the power is there for all Spirit to use. It will come to you one day; all this power that we have you will also have." "Rather nice to look forward to, isn't it?" said Edith rather simply not really grasping the extent of Chang was saying. I understood Chang to say that this power which he used would, one day, be available to people on the Earth as well as Spirit. "It is most pleasant" reflected Chang to himself.

"Can I ask you a question?" asked a sitter. "I am here to answer, yes" announced Chang. "It came into my mind after you came the last time" said the sitter with the good memory "I have been thinking, or conceptualising about what God is, or isn't" she continued. (Good word that as Brian would have no idea what it meant himself) "How do you; well, is it some kind of person or some kind of power, or is there no such thing? Is it Spirit or Spirit power?" Brian would have not made head or tail of that but Chang, speaking through Brian had a better idea "It is a word that you use. The word 'God' is a word that is made into a language that you speak; but I understand what you are trying to say. The concept of God is the Supreme Power of the Universe; it is a power, a living force, that is greater than anything in the universe. It starts all things going and ends all things. It will never reach you. It will take many millions of years for you even, this side of life, to even achieve the closeness to Him whom you call God" There was some silence as we thought about what Chang had said. People often wonder about God and Chang had given us his version of God. "Hummm" said the thinking lady to herself no doubt pondering Chang's words. "But His power" said Chang breaking the silence "I will use the word 'his'" smiled Chang "because it is your language; it is what you understand. It is a power beyond comprehension. That is all that I can tell you."

"Does it make sense then to pray to God or Spirit to help you?" asked the sitter. "We are here to help you; we will give you all the help that we can give. I have told you many times that we are limited with our power as you are with yours" replied Chang. "Should you pray to God or use Spirit as an intermediary" probed the lady asking quite an important question. "When you pray it is thought that you are sending out. That thought adds to His power because thoughts are living things and they have power of their own. The more power that is sent in is His direction will build His power up. It is good that you do this, yes." concluded Chang.

"Sometimes I wonder when we are praying for people who are ill that once we have prayed for them we ought to be able to leave it with Spirit and not keep on worrying them about people who are ill" said Lucy. "We take the message and we help but there is a cycle that you have to live in your life. When that cycle has ended no matter what Spirit does for them they must come to this side of life" said Chang. "Yes, I appreciate that. But what I wonder sometimes is whether the healers on the other side get a bit fed up with our continually asking" added Lucy . "No, ask as many times as you wish" replied Chang "It all adds to the power on the other side?" interrupted Lucy. "Yes, it is good that you do this as it shows that you care and the more you ask the more you care; so you must carry on and not worry" explained Chang. "Thank you" said Lucy.

"I have been told that Spirit won't help somebody unless they have been asked to" said John remembering comments made by other communicators who say that you must ask for healing for a person. "We help from the day that you are born. You have with you certain guides and helpers who are with you when you are conceived in the womb, then, when you are born these guides help you, unseen most of the time, but they try through your life to guide and help you. Sometimes you can feel this. Sometimes you ignore it and sometimes you just push it away" stated Chang. John went on "If one comes into an earth life in order to achieve something, or do something, or pay off a debt to somebody which can only be done in an earth condition how is it that the conditions of your earth life are brought about to fulfill the reason that you came? "You came to this earth to work out what you call your Karma? I think that is the word you use." John agreed. "It is worked out for you before you come. You accepted this; you accepted the principles of it; you accepted the heartaches and all the bad things that go with it because you know that when you come to our side of life again the experience that you have had on the Earth will stand you in good stead for your next reincarnation." Yes, I understand that" said John realising Chang may have given him a personal answer rather than the general answer he was looking for.

"But can you tell me why do people go and choose to live in third world countries and starve? I can understand the theory of Karma makes sense in relatively wealthy, western countries, but we are all privileged. I cannot understand myself on your side of life choosing to go and live in a country where I would starve to death and have all kinds of diseases…" the thoughtful lady sitter rattled off. "I have this question answered for you" interrupted Chang. "You do not understand what goes on this side. It is for you to come here when your time is right then you will understand what you are here (on the earth) for. It is all in the power of the universe that we will all achieve one end in the end of time. It is part of your Karma to chose what you want to do. The more heartache that you receive in your life on your earth plane gives you more power when you come to our side of life. The more difficult your life the better this side." "That's lovely to know" commented Edith who had not spoken for some time.

"When you go back to Spirit after an earth life do you remember all your other spirit experiences before (that life)" asked John. "Yes" replied Chang. "Those who choose to come back. There are those who do not choose to come back. We have levels of intelligence on our side of life as you have on yours. Some intelligences like to stay in the lower realms; others like to achieve the higher realms. I am trying, in my way, to achieve the next stage of my existence. It is coming slowly and it will come when Brian comes to this side of life I will most probably come back to the earth. It is something that I have not wanted to do for a long time but I think that it is good that I do this so I that may achieve what I want to achieve."

"Can you choose your parents then and the country that you live in?" asked the lady. "That depends. It is not absolute that you do get what you want. In your life do you get everything that you wish?" asked Chang. "No, not at all" she replied. "That is the same, that is the same" concluded Chang.

"Perhaps some people come back in order that somebody else can learn a lesson" suggested Lucy. "That is true, that is true" agreed Chang. "We have many, many spirits this side that will never be able to come back to Earth. They have ruined their chances too many times" lamented Chang. "What will happen to them?" asked John always concerned about the underdog. "They will stay in the lower realms of Spirit. There they will live out their existence" said Chang gloomily. "But we are taught that eternal progress is open to every soul" questioned Lucy. "They can atone" said Chang brightly "They can atone, yes. But they will not come back to earth to do it" concluded Chang. "No" Lucy thought, going on with "Can we choose to go to another planet in another star system?" "Of course" encouraged Chang "Of course. You can go there in your mind now if you wish." "Yes" hesitated Lucy possibly thinking of astral travel. "But you can live in the flesh on another planet; yes; and there are many. This is a subject which is far from the human comprehension. The planets of other star systems are as inhabited as your Earth."

"Is it only say one planet in each star system that is habitable?" asked Lucy. "No, there are many, many stars with many, many planets that have no life at all. Then there are others where the, what you call your sun, warms the planets; maybe three, four, five planets that can sustain life. It is a wonderful thing this universe, as you know. "Yes" said Lucy.

"Do other forms of life look like us. Are they human beings or a different kind" asked the lady sitter. Chang replied "They are as you are with slight modifications but basically they are human in shape and form, yes. There are exceptions but there are laws in the universe that span the whole universe and these are the same at one end as they are at the other end."

"Tell me, do new souls ever appear or are there a set number of spirits or souls at the very beginning and there will be the same number at the end" the lady continued. "This is one question I cannot answer" admitted Chang. "I have thought this myself; I cannot get the answer for myself. It is not for me to tell you this; I cannot answer that question" (This is a good point as it indicates that the communicator is genuine)

"Does life evolve, for instance can a soul start as an insect and work through the evolutionary aspects?" asked Lucy asking about another Indian idea. "No. You are breaking the laws of nature again if you think this. No it is a group, as I think you call them group spirits" "Yes, group souls" said Lucy "Group souls, yes, this is where the insects and all the lower animals go but they still contribute power to the universe; they still contribute power to the Supreme Power." "Yes" said John agreeing with Chang. "Have you heard of any beings that we know of as Divas; the Diva Kingdom" he asked. "I know not of this" replied Chang.

There was a silence as we had all run out of questions.

Chang, sensing the feeling said, "I will say goodnight to you now." "Well, thank you very much for coming" said Lucy on behalf of the Circle. "God bless you all" added Chang to which we all replied "God bless you Chang."