Splash the Good News About

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle.

You have been sitting there and thinking about all sorts of things and you've not been sending out the thoughts of light.

Yous got to remember that when yous in the Circle we wants you to send out the happy thoughts to the peoples on the other side because when you sends out the happy thoughts then they's welcomed by the peoples that don't quite understand, and theres lots of peoples on the other side, as you calls it, who can't follow what you says. They's joined the Circle and they listens to the talks and sometimes they hears somethings, something that theys thinks is right and sometimes it just goes, what you calls it, in one ear and out the other, it does not register at all, they do not understands what you says.

So we wants you to send out the happy thoughts, and yous got to remember that's when you, what you calls it, when you gets those in the physical then often you gets those in the mental as well, the spirit, the spiritual as well, and the things they works together. When you dwells in the body then you will dwell in the spirit. You follow? (Yes.(hopefully)) I trys to put it into the words that you will understands. Sometimes I gets it right and sometimes I gets it wrongs; but that's what I wants to tells you. It's the things that, when I comes to your Circle, when I comes into the Earth's conditions then I picks up the Earth's vibrations and then I goes back to when I was on the earth plane. I don't find I can comes as I am in the Spirit World. There's, what you calls it, a trans-for-mation. That's a funny word, trans-for-mation, that's why I comes as a little girl so I can give you the cheering up.

Sometimes the other peoples that's with me in the Spirit World, they tells me what I got to says and that's why sometimes I says the things that's, ooh, they tells you about the things that's going to happen, and sometimes the things thats you don't like to happen but comes about you. I's not speaking very well tonight cos my Medi tired and it's more difficult to get the words out right. When my Medi's tired it's easy for me to come through, there's not, what you calls it, the resistance, and I can come through easier but I cannot gives the words as good as when she's feeling better, you follow, (Yes.) and thats whys sometimes its, what you calls, a good message and sometimes it's a bit mix-muddly-up. (One of Lilly's favorite phrases.) But thats the way the things are in the Spirit World.

I's always pleased to come into the Circle because I listens to what you says when yous doing your, what you calls it, the meditation and I, oohs, when I listens to you I goes round your minds and I knows what yous thinking, and I knows lots of things about you whens I's in the Spirit World that I do not remembers - no thats not right, not what I do not remember - I's not allowed to remember when I comes and speaks to yous, cause it wouldn't do if I was able to tell you exactly what you was thinking about because your thoughts they goes, ooh, all over the place.

Sometimes they comes, goes to the Spirit World, and sometimes they goes to what yous been doing todays; and sometimes they goes to what yous going to do tomorrow; and so on. But most of the time, when yous in the Circle you's sending your thoughts out to the Spirit World to help the peoples that's on the earth plane and the peoples in the grey places and the peoples that's gone further on; and we wants you to know that all the things that you sends out we takes them and we uses them.

Theres nothing that you thinks when you thinks proper that's wasted, umph, and, oohs, somebody's telling me that the medi knows there was a sentence that was used long, long times ago, that 'there are no dustbins in the universe', so theres nothing that you can completely throws aways. They's got to be sort of changed.

You says that the evil needed as well as the good, and evils got to be altered into the good, cause that's the ways the things goes and the evil, it's like, ooh, the things that you goes through on the earth plane, and the things that's happening in your world, but they's all the things thats happening for the purpose.

And there is good in your world, you don't hear much about it, but you's got to use your eyes and sees it all arounds you, and you will see thats there's lots and lots of good and there's more good than there is evil, so you just thinks abouts that, and when yous gets down in the dumps remember thats yous got to keep the thoughts on the pos-i-tive level and then you will find that you will feel betters and you will make all the peoples that comes into contacts with yous feel betters, and not only the peoples that comes into contact with you on the earth plane but the peoples that comes near your aura in the Spirit World, you will helps them as well. So you's got to try to be happy and tries to keeps the spirits up, thats, ho, ho, I do not mean the spirits on the earth plane, there's the spirits, what you calls it? Oh, I wants another word, temp-er-ra-ment. (Yes.) Yes, they tells me that's a word, yes, you's got to keep your temperament on the ups; not on the downs. So thats what we wants to tells to each of you.

And we wants to tells you that, ooh, we knows that there's been the things happenings and they's been, oohs, what you calls it, splashed about, so that you all knows about it; you all hears about it, and you all thinks about it. Well you's got to know thats there's the good things that happens and you's got to gets them splashed about same as the others. So that's what we wants to tells you tonight.

So we just says we wants to give our love to the little lady, [Mary] she's beginning to feels the better, we knows (thank you) and we tells her thats she gots to looks after herself, not so much looks after the other people, she's got to looks after self, that's what we wants to tells you. Umph. And we wants to says to the lady over there thats she's got to remember thats there's all the different ways of looking at God and looking at life, and some of the ways are different in one parts of the world, or to one lots of people from another lots, buts they's all the same underneath, the main thing is thats you's got to send out the love, because that's the most important thing in the world and it's always been the most important thing, both in your world and our world.

So's, Umph, I's giving quite a sermon isn't I? One day I shall be standing on the platform and speaking, but I does not know when that will be cause I gets so mix-muddled-up with your words. [Lilly was Italian]

Nows I will just says goodnight and God bless you all.