Never Too Old For Spirit

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle at the end of 1986.

I just wanted to say a very few words because its coming ups to the times when you calls its the Christmas and we knows thats the times when you feels downs in the dumps and we wants to tells you thats we wants to lifts you up and makes you realize thats there is the goods things in the world as well as the bad things and we wants to tells you thats there's lots of love goings out from lots and lots of peoples to all the little children in the world thats you worried about and we tells you thats there's going to be the big, what you calls it, the big ex-plo-sion of good will that will helps the peoples in the world to do the things thats theys wants to does because there's lots of the little children in the world thats not has the, what you calls it, the chance to do the things thats they wants because they's so worried about the things of the body and they's not able to grows in the minds because the body needs so much attention compared with the things of the Spirit, you follow ? (Yes.)

I,s not putting it very well, but I's trying to get the ideas through the Medi's mind to pass them on to yous.

Yous got to realize thats we's got to take the thoughts thats is in the Medi's mind and we's got to turns them round so thats they's the thoughts thats we wants to gives outs, you follow ? (Yes.)

Sometimes there's the peoples on the earth plane, we knows them, thats they's able to step completely on one side and lets the Spirit speak absolutely from the Spirit World, but more of the Medis like my Midi, they's still theres and we has to use the things thats in the Medi's mind, we's got to use the words that she knows and the thoughts that she knows and we turns them rounds so thats they makes the thoughts that we wants to give you.

So we wants to says to yous that we's very pleased to come throughs and theres lots of the Spirits in the Circle with you thats they's been giving you the healing and they's been giving you the inspiration and there will be the things thats yous thinks about afterwards when you has your quiet times in your own homes and then there will be the thoughts coming from the Spirit and those thoughts will be the thoughts that we wants to puts into your minds, you follow ? (Yes.) Sometimes we's able to comes through and says much more than we really knows that the Midi wants us to say and sometimes she not like the things that we says but sometimes there's the things that we's got to give you and sometimes we hasn't, but tonights we just comes to says hellos to yous all and to say thats we's going to helps in the conditions thats there's, what you calls the, Ooh, the, the big cri-sis, and always you will remember thats you always has the troubles at this times of the year. It's like the, Ooh, when the winter starts you all gets down in the dumps and the thoughts thats in your minds they helps the atmosphere of your world and then you gets all the troubles comes along. These troubles they will not be all thats long, they will pass and then you will find thats the things will be the better in the world and the time will be coming when there will be the real peace in the world. It will not be just immediately but it will be comings because there's going to be the understanding thats you's been praying for and you's been working for and Spirit's been working for, for long long times. But you's got to do your parts, you's got to keeps, what you calls it, the cheerful, you's got to be happy, you's got to know thats there will be the good things in the world as well as the bad things, and thoughs yous always hears about the bad things you will be hearing about the good things as well. So that's what we wants to tells you.

We wants to says thats we's very pleased with the Circle and you thinks that there's not very much happening, but there's lots of things on the other sides thats you's able to do that you do not know about. You will find one day that there will be the rewards coming to you; you do not do it for the rewards, but there will be the things that will makes you feel very very good. Humph, you must not get too pleased with yourselves, you knows that, but you will find that you's been able to be of great helps to the peoples, both on the earth plane and the peoples in the Spirit and when you goes to sleeps at night you comes to the Spirit world and theres you does all the work. Sometimes you has to work very hard and sometimes you finds that what you do does not have the effect that you wants, but nothing that you does on the earth plane or in the Spirit World for the good is wasted.

We's able to use all the thoughts, and all the things that you does, and we's able to use them to makes the things better. So thats what we wants to tells you, to say cheer up, be happy and knows that there will be the lights at the end of the tunnel. Ha, thats what we says, and we sees the train coming out of the tunnel, and when it comes out it puffs out all the smoke. That was when I was on the earth plane.

You do not have the trains that makes the smoke now todays, we knows, we sees all the changes that takes place on the earth plane, and sometimes they's good changes, and sometimes they's not so good, but you cannot, what you calls it, puts the clock back, you's got to realize that the world will go on and it will go forwards and there will be the new discoveries, and the new inventions, and there will be the new things coming into the world, and the new things that comes in sometimes theys will be fors the good, but sometimes the men will use them for the bad, but they's all got the good po-ten-tial, and thats what they's got to be used for, the good. We help mankind to do the things thats we wants him to do.

Humph, I's giving quite a long sermon isn't I?

It's nice to comes through into the Circle and to speaks with you, sometimes I's easier to come than others, but tonight I just wanted to come and cheer you all up and to say, what you calls it, a Happy Christmas that's comings along. We did not call it the Christmas when I was on the earth plane. I cannot speak the language when I was on the earth plane now because it's not in my Medi's mind, and I's got to use what's in the Medi's mind, but one days I hopes that the Medi will stand on one side and then I will be ables to talks and I will be ables to gives you the things that I did when I was on the earth plane. She's not believe that but that's whats I tells her. She's got to realize that that will comes ones days. She thinks she's too old to change, but yous never too old for the Spirit cause if the Spirit wants you it will work through you whether you be seven or seventy, thats the things thats yous got to understand.

Nows I's got to goes so I just says goodnights to you and God bless you, and God bless all the peoples thats linked to you, and God bless all the little children thats in the Spirit World and thats on the earth plane, and God bless the little ones thats coming to the earth plane from Spirit. They will find that is very good for them to be here, so you remember that when you hears of the new little ones thats coming into the Earth body.

So nows we says goodnights and God bless you.

God bless you..

Many of the Guides spoke about the changes for the better that would be happening in the world. There were things going on behind the scenes that the world did not know about and when they would be revealed the whole world would be very pleased. Writing in 2010 a lot of good things have happened but also some that are negative. Some people with a grudge or some kind of misguided (does not follow the 'Love one Another philosophy) mission continue to try to blow up the world or however much of it they can.

Lilly talks about only being able to use the thoughts that are in the Medium's mind. Sister of Mercy also spoke about this in the talk 'Problems with Communication'

Transcribing the recordings that I made during those Circles onto paper and listening to what Lilly and others said you can see the events that they talked about then. "Events cast their shadows before them" a Guide once said.

That does not mean that the future is fixed or that the Guides are infallible in predicting what lies ahead. They just watch the signs, eavesdrop on private conversations if you like and put two and two together. We could do likewise if we had access to the same information that they have. They can pick up ideas in peoples minds long before they are expressed in words, if it is a good idea then the Spirit world give it encouragement.

Always man has free will and it is very difficult to do anything about people who have wrong ideas as they are convinced that they are right and everybody else has got it wrong. You could say that dealing with such people is part of the education that this world has to offer. Everybody has met someone in their lifetime whom they would say was impossible. If you look at the divorce rate you could say that peoples level of tolerance is going down, just one small thing goes wrong and it's off to the courts. Could it be that, as the conditions in a particular country improve, so the people who live in that place acquire a desire to more happy than their parents and their grandparents? In their seeking for the one thing so the balance is upset and people become more selfish and intolerant of others. In time, perhaps, as the old scheme is disbanded there is a period of turbulence until a new way of doing things is found. You can see this happening in China today with the students who want the old ways done away with.

One of the things that Spiritual Philosophy teaches is that you must think for yourself and come to your own conclusions. You can listen to the opinions of those on the earth plane and those in Spirit but in the end you must make up your own mind as to what you accept as being the truth to you. Everyone is on an separate pathway through life with their own lessons to learn and so the opinions that you acquire are personal to you. If you let some organization or individual make your mind up for you then you are not using your free will to decide for yourself. If this lack of decision on your part results in your being "stuck up a gum tree" then that is your own fault for not paying attention to what you are doing with your life.

Nobody is going to live your life for you; people love to tell each other what to do. It is always easier to sort out someone else's troubles than your own.

If you find Lilly's childish habit of sprinkling "s"s about annoying then perhaps you are more concerned with how she speaks rather than what she says. If that is so, you are missing the point and have focused on the wrong thing.

In life it is very easy to find fault, it is an expression of negativity. To look for the good is a more constructive effort and requires thought and consideration on the part of the observer. This is not so easy as it requires a patient, understanding mind and a kindly disposition towards your fellow human beings.

If you are critical in one thing then very likely you are critical in all things, as that is your character. If you are loving in one thing then it may be your desire to be loving in all things.

Part of the purposes of life on Earth is to become who and what you are. A person my show who they really are when they get behind the steering wheel of a motor car or when they have drunk too much and the inhibitons are down.

J. H. June 1990.