Learn the Things of the Spirit

A New Year Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle during January 1987.

Hellos everybodys. Ooh, I's glad to come to the Circle once again just to says hellos to yous and to wish you, what you calls it, a happy new year. Humph, there's lots of things that's been happening over the last year, some of them's been very, very good and some of them's been very very bad, we knows, and we's been trying to help as much as we can to make the things better, but the trouble is that the peoples, they just don't want to listen, they don't want to help, they don't want to understand, they's quite happy within their own little tiny circle and they puts a wall round themselves and they do not want to go out and do anything about it. They's got to learns that they's got to spread, pass on, the things that they knows and the things that they thinks, they's got to push their walls down and reach out so that they's able to involve all the other peoples in what they believe. There's, what you says, too much of the, the, Oohs, I not know the words for what I wants, but the peoples, they's does not bother about the things of the Spirit, they's quite happy with the things of the world, with the things thats they's ables to gets, what you calls them, the material things of life, and they's not bothered about the things of the Spirit and then when they gets towards the ends of their lives and they begins to realize that they's got to leave the things that they's got behinds, then they begins to thinks about the worlds of the Spirit. It's no good when they leaves it till the last minute to thinks about the things, because the things of the Spirit they's got to learns them, and they's got to practice them and they's got to knows them before they gets to the ends of their life. You follow? ( Yes Lilly.) I's not putting it very well but there's lots of things that they's trying to get me to say and some of the things I's able to says and some things I's not able to says. Oooh, sometimes it gets all mix-muddled- up, but that's one of the most important things that the people's got to learns, to pull downs the walls that's arounds them and to go out and lets them, what you calls it, get involved with other people.

There's so many people on the world thats keeps themselves to themselves they says [ the other Guides ] and they's, ooh, they's not worried about anybody else. That's not the way to do things. Yous at, what you calls the Christmas, you thinks about other peoples then and when the Christmas is over you forgets about the other people and the things that they wants, the things that they's trying to does. So you's got to do the best you can to get all the peoples involved together. That's the things that's most important thats they all works together, thats they lives together in, what you calls it, harmony, and they lives together in peace, and they respect each other and the ideas that the other peoples has got. Oohs, I's getting muddled up with my words, but that's the ideas thats they wants me to says tonights 'cause this is, ooh, what you in your words on the earth plane, this is the beginning of another year and it should not make any difference, there should be the continuity from the previous years going on. But always the peoples on the earth plane, they thinks that there will be the, the magic in another year, but the magic only comes if the peoples themselves make it and if they use their minds towards the things of the Spirit as well as the things of the Earth. You follow ? ( Yes ) Umph, I's not putting it very well but that's one of the things I wanted.

I know that there's lots of things that's been happening in your world and lots of things that we knows from Spirit that you do not knows from the earth plane, they not tells you things that's going on in all the other places in your world, but you's got to remember thats there will always be the good and the bad. There will always be the things thats gives you sa-tis-faction and the things that makes you very very angry. That's because the life on the earth plane is going to be the bads and the goods for your progress. If there was not the bad you would not know the good, if there was not the dark you would not know the light, and if there was not the night you would not appreciate the day, there's got to be the goods and the bads in your life. What you's got to do is to use the bad to makes goods. You follow ? (Yes Lilly.) Then there's, what you calls it, the ca-tas-trophe, you's got to remember there will be the goods comes out of it, and sometimes when there is a ca-tas-trophe then it brings out the goods in lots and lots of people and that's the blessing that comes, what you calls it, in disguise. So although there will be the ca-tas-trophe in the future, in the times that's comings, there will be the goods as well, and we tells you, ooh, we tells you this before, but we tells you this again 'cause we knows that it's by telling you several times thats it will sinks in, that when yous finds the good you's got to broadcast it and you's got makes it known.

When you gets the chance to speak to the peoples that does the good things you gives them the words of praise. There's lots of things in the world that will happen for the good when people's being praised, there's too much, ooh, what you call it, criticism and not enough of the praise, so you remembers that and you gives the, ooh, they tells me, the com-pli-ments, you gives the compliments when ever you cans because that will make the peoples feel better and it will make you feel better as well.

So, oh, we's giving quite a lecture tonight isn't we ? So we just wants to says thats we's very pleased to be back in the Circle and we's going to comes from time to time when they lets me comes. Then I will comes and I will speaks with you again. (thank you) So now I will just say God bless you and God bless all the peoples that lives with you that you love and God bless the peoples that you don't love and God bless all the little children and God bless all the peoples that hasn't got the homes and God bless all the peoples that you's been praying for. There, I thinks I've covered quite a lot of peoples in that.

So nows I will just say, Ooh, the new gentleman sitting there we's spoken to you a long times ago and now we wants to says a special God bless you, and you will goes on looking and looking and finding out, and when you finds out you will finds thats we is not bad, we's not wicked, we's not of, what you calls it, the devil. Thats we just the sames as we was when we was on the earth plane 'cept that we's got a little bit further along the road, and if you sends the thoughts out to the Spirit, you calls it the God, then you will finds thats there will be the things working together to makes it the good. So that's what we says to yous.

So now we says God bless you, God bless you. (God bless you.)

Goodnight. (Goodnight.)

Goodnight. I comes again, humph, yes I wills.

Goodnight. (Goodnight.)

Lilly usually has some interesting things to say. She mentions how the others in the group, who work with Lucy, are telling her what to say. It's like asking someone who is on the phone to tell the person at the other end something which they do not quite understand; so you have to "spell it out for them".

What she has to say is just as valid as the addresses given in the churches by Brother Bernard or the lovely words that came from Sister of Mercy.

It will not be apparent to the reader that each of these speakers had a different voice and posture. It was known by the sitters if the speaker was one of Lucy's regular helpers.

Sometimes the speaker was unknown to us or Lucy; they did not give any indication as to who they were.

If you ask an advanced spirit who he or she is they will say that it does not matter as they have long lost interest in their personal identity. You have to judge them by what they have to say. Most messengers are quizzed as to who they are, not as to what message they bring. Some of the speakers say it is of no odds as to who they are, suffice that they come from the realms of light.

You will notice I say he or she when refering to a particular speaker and this is quite a subject in itself. I think that a resemblance of the last physical body is kept for some time although I have read of very high states where the occupants do not have the need of a "physical body" identity.

The souls in these realms have long moved on from the earth plane, and other planes of physical existence, and have no need to return to a physical dimension.

I have asked if there are spirit persons who have never been in a physical dimension, or ever needed to, and I am told that such entities do exist.

I'm always asking questions. How otherwise do you know?

If there should be any doubt as to the integrity of a communicator you can ask if they come in the name of God? As this question cannot be lied to, only ignored, it is a way of vetting a communicator. Remember St. Paul told one of the early churches to "Test ye the Spirits to see that they be of God". So they had their Spirit Teachers/Communicators as well in those days and the advice still holds good.

A well organized Circle always opens with a prayer and included in this prayer should be a request for protection.

We were often told that the circle was surrounded by light and the peace found there was always beneficial to those present.

J. H.