Looking Back

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle.

Hellos everybody.

Ooh, it's nice to come into the Circle again and when we comes it's the beginning of another year and that's the time when you, whats you call it, makes a new year resolutions and when you comes to the end of the year and looks back you finds that you hasn't done any of the things that you thought you would but yous done lots of other things. Humph, we knows. But it's a good time to looks backs and to see the way that the Spirit has gone along and made your paths, what you call it, all clear for you. There will be a lot of things happening during the next few months, some of the things will be the good and some of the things will be not quite so good, but there will be the progress.

I tolds you last time I came that there would be the change in the, what you calls it, the, the world conditions and when I comes tonights that's one of the things that I says to yous not to get into the depths of despair because there is going to be the change in the atmosphere of the world, there will be, ooh, what you calls it, one or two catastrophes and there will be the things that's natural that will happens but there will be, what you calls it, oohs, I's having a job to get the words out, there's a definite progress going to be made in the, ooh, I not knows that word, in-ter-na-tio-nal affairs.

Ooh, I's making quite a speech aren't I ? I's like the peoples in the, what you calls it, the parliament when they gets up and they says all sorts of things, and sometimes they gets up and says the very long words that they don't know the meanings of but they sounds nice so they says them. Sometimes that's what I feels because I cannot get the right words out and then they tells me the words and then I's able to say them, so sometimes the things that I says I do not know the meaning of myself but they puts them through my mind so that I's able to tells you what some of the things that's going to happen. So that's what I wants to tells you tonights that there will be the improvements and you will finds that's at the ends of the year there will be the understanding better between the peoples, you knows it's going to be very very long term, and there wills be the, ooh, the, the, oohs, I don't know what that means, there will be the, the treaty and there will be the, ooh, the change, and there will be bits of hope for the world, humph, that's what they wants me to says. Also there will be the things that aren't quite so good, but you knows that, you knows that there's got to be the goods and the bads 'cause if you had all the good yous would not know what the bads is, and if you had all the bads you not knows what the goods is, so there will be somes of each. But there will be, they say, they tell me, that there will be the hope and thats they trying to make the atmosphere of the earth plane, they's trying to make it lighter because parts of it has got very very black and they's working hard to make the black go to the grey and then to go to the whites. So that's what we wants to tells you.

We says we's very pleased to see the new peoples in the Circle and we have told you thats you will be havings the new people but yous got the Circle almost right now and you will finds that there will be lots of power coming in the Circle and yous got to be patient, yous not got to try to brings it about too quickly.

We wants to says to the lady that we's looking after the spirit of the little one and when the little one comes you will be very very pleased, thats what we tells you (thank you Lilly.) We says the same things as we says last time, yous got to be careful, yous got to have enough rest, both before and after, thats what they tells me. We's very very pleased for yous and we wants to tells you, the lady, ooh I's nots knows whats it is, there will be the, ooh I not knows that, there will be the changes taking place, but I knows that the Medi changy places, [Lucy was moving house] no it's not that it's the other lady, the lady, aah, the lady over there, there will be the changes, that's what they are telling me, they's laughings because your gentleman, he's come here and he's very happy for you and we wants you to be happy as well, you will waits and sees.

The gentleman wants to knows what he's got to does? The gentleman knows what he gots to does, no there will be, he got to makes a move, the gentleman there, he's got to makes the moves. ( Yes.) [ Brian is now in the U.S.A.] That's what they says and they says that you can not puts it off very much longer, yous got to take the first steps to make the move. (Right.) They's very pleased they says. They's laughing, they says that you did not expect that you would be in the Circle again, but they knows, they still wants you to do some of the work and they says that you may not be able to do the work that yous been doing in the past, yous still got some work to do here before you goes to the other sides and do the works there, you knows that don't you? And you see lots of things, when you goes to beds and you sees the pictures and yous able to talks to the peoples on the other sides and your Guide is there with you and giving you all the help that he cans, that's what we wants to tells you [Mary]

They says that there will be some things for the others but I have says the most important things tonight so I just wants to says to yous all good night and God bless you and God bless all the peoples that you loves and God bless the peoples that's linked to you that you finds it difficult to love; that's what they says and they wants to say God bless you all. (God bless you.)

Goodnight and God bless you all...