The Good Things & The Bad Things

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle during 1987.

Hellos everybodys.

It's nice to sees you all again and it's nice to see the other lady that's come along and joined you and we wants to tell you that you will be having somebody else as well, so you just waits and sees; that's what we wants to says. And we tells you thats we's been with you all the Circle; we's been helping you quite a lots. We've been trying to give the healing to several of you, not just the lady with the back but to the others as well because you needs quite a lot of healing at the present time; that's the things thats we wants to says.

There's, what you calls it, the strain of the tension and of the things that's rounds you that's giving you the cause to worry. We wants to says that's it no use worrying; you's got to accept the things as they comes alongs and know that the things that seems to go wrong with you that they are the things that's necessary for you during your stays upon the earth plane. You knows that when you comes here you comes, ooh, in order to do the job, you comes in order to learns the various things and sometimes it's the things that you's got to learns through the ooh, what you calls it, the difficulties, and sometimes you's got to learns through the good things, but they's all a parts of the life, there's the parts that you has the goods and the parts that you has the bads, you's got to have the times when everything goes right and the times when everything goes wrong because if you had all the times when everythings goes rights you would not, ooh, what's the word I want, you would not appreciate it, you's got to have the bads to know what the good is. You follow ? (Yes) So we wants to tell you that at the moment we know that several of yous has got the black shadows rounds you and you's feeling, oohs, what you calls it, downs in the dumps but you's got to knows thats everything will pass, there's nothing that's so bad that it will stay all the time. You's got to knows thats if you's got the very black clouds with you that's because yous, what we wants to says, that's yous needs a little bit mores (Healing ?) than the other people; you follow ? (Yes.) Sometimes we knows that you gets, ooh, you gets very depressed about the things that happens on your earth plane, but you's got always to remember that you knows all the bad things and you knows very little about the good things, yous got to knows that's there's lots of the good things and there's lots of the peoples that are better than they used to be. There's lots more lights upon the earth plane than there was, but of course when there's lots of the lights then the negative forces, they tries to puts out the lights; they tries to make the black clouds takes over but they will not succeed. That's what you gots to knows, you's got to remember thats when the things seem very very black then there will be the very very light just comes along and we wants you to not let the things of the earth plane get you down; that's what you says.

Yous got to knows that the things of the earth plane, they's not very important in the whole plan of things. 'Cause when you's on the earth plane you see the things through the very, very narrow gap and it's only when you gets to our sides of life that you will see the things widen out, then you will see that the black things that you has they's necessary for the pattern because if the pattern was all the bright, all the light things, then it would be very very dull, so it's got to have the black bits as well as the bright bits. So you just remember when things seem the worst that there will be the bests just coming along. Ooh, I's got, what you calls it, the philosophy, I's got that's very very good, I thinks.

They tells me some of the things that I's got to says and they wonder how I's going to puts it over because I's got to, ooh, use the language thats I knows and that my Medi knows and there's a, what you calls it, the, the, unh, I's not know the words, but I's got to use what's there, and what I knows, and they's got to be mingled together to makes the sense. Sometimes I thinks I talks lots of nonsense, sometimes I cannot gets the right words. You's got to understand thats the whole of life is important, the bads as well as the goods, and yous knows, ooh what's I wants to say, nobody has too much bads without having some of the goods. So that's what we wants you to take and remembers.

We's very pleased that the little girl (Mary) is very much better, we's been trying to helps, you knows that, and you's been having lots of the healing from the Chinese gentleman on the other sides, he comes and gives you the healing when you goes to sleeps, you do not sleep very long, he knows, but during the times he will give you the healing and then you will feel better.

We wants to say to the lady that's very very tired (Niki) thats you's got to learn to take the times to rest, that's important, umph, so we just wants to, ooh, what you calls it, emphasize it, that you's got to have the times of rest as well as the times of being busy, humph, so you just see and for the new lady, (Paula) we's very glad that yous comes along and we knows that you will finds yous able to works in the Circle and you will be ables the, the, what you calls her, the Sister of Mercy will be talkings to us and we will likes that as well as you do. (Thank you.) So that's what we tells you. You feels a little bit strange we knows 'cause it's the first time, but the peoples here, aah, they's not too bad and they all gives you their loves and they's been looking forward to yous being in the Circle, and so has we on our sides. There is quite a group of us that comes along from time to time and speaks to yous, we's very pleased that you's comes along and we wants to says a special welcome to your helpers and that's a Sister of Mercy and the little girl who comes with you. She is bigger than I was when I left the earth plane, but she comes there and she gives you lots of help and the, the, ooh, ha ha, there's quite a little group that's coming with you, you knows that, but they will make themselves known in the time, but we says that we's glad that they comes to the Circle.

To the lady siting there, (Edith) you's got lots and lots of people on the other side, we knows, and you knows them and you ables to talks to them. Sometimes you just thinks it's your imagination but it's not imagination, you's able to talks especially to the husband, and you knows that yous gets the answers when you speaks from the spirit. So that's what we wants to tells you. (Thank you.) And for the gentleman there (John) we knows he's got the, ooh, what you calls it, the, the, uuh, I's not know the words, but it's like a big black bear sitting on his shoulders and he's got to learn thats when he gets the down in the dumps thats the bear will be very very heavy but when he's able to looks at the things from the standpoint of the Spirit then the bear will gets very very lights until he does not notice it. So that's what we wants to says to you. (Thank you)

When we comes to the gentleman there (Brian), oh oh, when we comes to you we feels the power, you pulls it, you pulls it from us and you pulls it from the other people and you gives it out to the little ones that needs it. You will finds thats you will always have the strength, so as you gives it out so you will gets it back. You follow ? (I do.) You will find thats you's able to cope with the things, but you's got to be careful not to take on other peoples responsibilities, they's got to learns for themselves. So that's what they wants to says to yous. (Thank you)

Then we comes to the lady with the bad back, (Margaret) we knows that, and we knows that yous, ooh, they says that you's very precious and you's got to, ooh I's getting muddled up, you's got to be ables to be well enough in the body to cope with the things of the material, you will find thats you will get more and more from the Spirit thats will helps you with the material. (Thank you.) So that's what we wants to says to you.

Ooh, we's done very well tonight haven't we ? So we just says, ooh, they tells me I'm talking too much buts that's always the way 'cause when I comes through sometimes I's able to says a lot and sometimes I's not ables to get the things out as I wants to, but I said quite a lot tonight. So nows I will just say goodnights to you all and God bless you all and I look forward to comings again and talkings to you and you will look forwards to seeing me and the others that comes with the Medi.

So now we says goodnights and God bless you and God bless all the peoples that's linked to you and God bless all the little ones and God bless all the peoples from the other sides that's been coming into your Circle, whether you saw them or whether you did not. There was lots and lots of people here.

So now we says goodnights. God bless you, God bless you..

Lilly had been enthusiastic this evening. As well as the talk about the good and bad things in life she had spoken to all the sitters individually.

In her talks she confides in us many of the things that bother her. She mentions the problems that she has to cope with when she comes and talks to us and how things look to her from where she is. J.H.H.