Down In A Diving Suit

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle during May 1987

Medi has got a bad throat tonight, makes my voice sound funny but I do the best I can, you's got to put up with it.

Ooh, there's lots of funny things happening at the moment, isn't there ? There will be lots more of the things that's happenings, some of them will be very very good and they will make you very very pleased and some of them will not be quite so good but there will be the changes coming in the world, that's what we wants to tells you tonights.

There's the things that the Spirit's been working for for long long times and now they's coming to the times when they will be puts into practice.

We wants to says to yous thats we's doing the best that we can from the Spirit in order to brings about the better state of affairs and we wants to tells you that you must not worry too much about the things that's happening in your world because they's the things that was intended to happen.

There will be the, what you calls it, the unrest and the, the, ooh!, I not knows how to put it, but there's the places in your world where all the peoples they fights against ones another. They's not, what you calls it, tolerant, but they's got to learns because there is room in all the world for all the different religions and the different things thats the peoples believes in. But they's got to learns that they's has the worship that they wants and they's got to allow other people to have the way that they wants. They's got to learns to live together. That's one of the things that we's been trying for a long long time but we tells you over and over again that the world is beginning to gets the better.

You do not sees it because all you sees is all the bad things that's happened but we says to yous agains that there will be the good things thats happens and they will begin to make the difference in the world, you follow ? (Yes) So that's what we wants to tells you.

It's nice to come into the Circle and sees you again but we misses the ones that's not here and we wants to tells you that when we comes into the Circle thats we brings the little ones with us and sometimes you know that you feels them around you and then you will know that there's the spirits of the little ones that comes back to the Earth now and then when they finds that the conditions are right.

You's got to sends out your love to them all; some of them are not good, some of them they's been, what you calls, bad, but they will come to realize where they's gone wrong and they will go to do the right things.

I do not like my Medi's throat tonight but we knows that there's lots of things that she's been worrying about, we knows, and when she worries about them that's when it's more difficult for us to come through. Not just me, but I can usually push my way through, but the other, what you calls them, the Guides, the other ones, they cannot come when she is worried. So she's got to learn to take the things easy. She knows that, so I just tells her that she should not worry quite so much.

I's glad that I's able to comes along tonight just to talk to yous even though I gets mix-muddled-up with my words; with what I wants to say and then it does not come out as I wants it to do.

Ooh! I find it very difficult to say exactly how it happens but it's like, ooh, they tells me that it's something like putting on a diving suit. You cannot move when you's in the diving suite unless you's in the water which it balances. You follow? (Yes.) But when I comes to the earth plane I comes like the persons in the diving suit and I feels very, very clumsy and very, very heavy and then it's a job to get the words to comes out right.

I likes coming because I likes making the contact with you and I knows you likes me to comes. (Yes we do.) And that's a good thing to comes.

So I will just say to each of you thats you's doings alright. No, they says that there's the bads as well as the goods; but we wants to says thats we's very happy and we wants you to knows that your Circle does make a difference on our sides of life as well as on your sides of life. Sometimes you do not realize that.

But the thoughts, they goes out from the Circle when you's, what you calls it, meditate; the thoughts goes out and they's not only received in the Spirit World but they's received by the peoples on Earth. So we wants you to know that you's doing a good work.

We will not stays any longer tonight except to say that we wish's you all, what you calls it, the better, and we wants you to have the healing and we wants you to knows that there is the Spirit Power that you can contact and that will help yous while you are on the earth plane.

When you comes to Spirit [enthusiastically] you will understand lots of the difficulties that we has when we trys to come back and speaks.

So we will just say that we gives you our love and our blessing and we knows that you will be ables to help the other peoples that you comes into contact with.

I's giving quite a talk tonight and my Medi thought that I would not be able to come at all but I'd, what you calls it, made up my mind that I would comes.

So I says goodnights and God bless you, and God bless all the little people that joins you in the Circle and God bless all the peoples that you loves thats comes back to you, even though lots of them you do not remember, but when you come to our sides you will knows; then you will remember and then you will say "Why did I not remember when I was on the earth plane?" But that's how the things is.

So we says goodnights, goodnights.