The Work's All Lined Up For You

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle during November, 1987.

Hellos eveybodys.

We's glad to come back into your Circle tonights and we wants to says that we gives you all our loves and there's lots of people here from, what you calls it, the other sides of life, that they wants to says hellos to yous as well.

Oh! I's not likes my voice today [Lucy had a bad throat or something] sounds a bit, ooh, I don't know, not quite what it ought to be so you must, what you calls it, excuse the Medi because she's been a bit, what you calls it, under the weather, Huumm, but she's better but it makes the voice funny and it sounds funny to me when I comes and uses the voice-box and tries to puts into words what I wants to says.

But any-rate I's very pleased to be in the Circle and I's brought with me all the animals thats you's lost, and there's been lots and lots and lots of them. Some of them you have seen and some of them you hasn't seen but they all comes backs and they's all giving you their love because we knows that you likes all the animals; the big ones and the little ones as well. Ohh, not the teeny ones, Ha Ha, we knows, you's not so happy to see them 'cause you don't understand that everything thats there is has got the life in it, and the life is a force from God, you knows that, so you's got to trys to loves them all.

We knows that when you sees the, what you calls them, the caterpillars in the cabbages you's not very pleased, we knows, but you's got to knows that everything that's in the world that's got lifes is a part of the Spirit, same as you are, and they's all got the spirit and the spirit is the thing that comes onto our sides of life when they leave the body behind.

It does not matter whether the body is a body of the, ooh, what you calls it, the humans, or the body of the insects, or the body of the animals. It is the spirit that comes to our sides of lifes; humph, so that's what we wants to tells you.

As we comes into your Circle we goes round and we gives you all the healing. And the Spirit people, they gives the healing to the peoples that you sends out the thoughts for.

Sometimes you wonders whether to keep on praying for the peoples on the earth plane because you says that the Spirit knows them and once should be enough. But when you gives the prayer for the healing you's sending out the thoughts to that person, and your thoughts helps as well, so don't stop praying for the peoples that you knows.

We knows that you's been sending out many prayers for the little girl [Mary] and now she's beginning to make the improvement again. We wanted her to come to our sides of life but it's not quite the right time for her, so we's got to wait for her, but we's got the work lined up for her for when she comes to our sides of life.

She's had plenty of work on the earth plane and she's got plenty of work in the Spirit World as well.

When you comes to Spirit you don't just sits and does nothing. You will finds thats there will be all the things that you's got to does. Sometimes to helps the peoples thats you's left behind on the earth plane; sometimes to helps the souls that's comes over and don't know where they are or whats they's doing, and sometimes yous goes much further out and you helps in the other worlds; you helps the other forms of Spirit and sometimes when you, ooh, I'm getting mix-muddled-up, when yous comes to the Spirit World, sometimes you can comes backs to the earth plane and helps on the earth plane, but sometimes there's lots of works for you to does thats, oohs, they's further on, Humph, but there will be the works for everybody.

When you comes to the ends of your time in the Spirit World sometimes you comes back to the earth plane and sometimes you goes on into another world, another, what you calls it, another stage of existence.

Hee!, we's getting the words very well tonight. We's not having the trouble. Sometimes we has the trouble to get the words out because they's in the Medi's mind but they's got to be put into the way that we can say; so that's one of the things that we wants to tells you.

We's glad to see a nice big Circle tonights and when the little girl [Mary] comes back you will be complete and we wants you, ooh, what's this? From time to time we wants you to get somebody from the outsides into the Circle so thats you can, what you calls it, practice your clairvoyance. Humph! That sounds all right, and so from time to time you will have a visitor in the Circle; they will benefit from the Circle same as you will benefit from having somebody else. So we wants to pass that on to yous.

[This idea must have come from another member of the group who asked Lilly to say it.]

Ooh, there's lots of things thats we comes here to do and sometimes, ooh, I gets so busy I not have times to, ooh, to think for myself. I's always gots lots of little jobs to does, and when I's in the Spirit World I's not like when I comes back to speaks to you, you knows that, 'cause whens I's in the Spirit World then I's just spirit, but when I comes to speak to yous through the Medi I comes back as I was when I was on the earth plane. That's a long times ago now, humph, but there's the things that I's got to does and one of the things that I's got to does is to says to each one of you that we wants you to carry on and to sends out your love and to thinks of all the peoples thats needs the help.

Ooh, we thinks that's a very big order 'cause there's lots of peoples thats needs help, but if you can, what you calls it, smile when you meets peoples, if you can make them a little bit happier because they sees you then you's doings the work that you came to the Earth World to do. You cannot do the, what you calls it, the big jobs but there's lots and lots of the little jobs that you can does and when yous does them you will find that they will all be gathered together and they will make one big job, you follow? ( Yes.)

They tells me that I had better go now, so I will just says goodnight to yous all and goodnights to the people that's been here from the Spirit World. There's been lots of peoples that's been here that you hasn't seen that's been coming to your Circle because they likes to feel with you the peace and the, huh, I's not knows that word, tran-quil-ity. They wants to feel that with you. And when they feels that it makes them feel very much better.

So we says goodnights and God bless you all and God bless all the peoples that's linked to yous on the earth plane and in the Spirit World.

Goodnight, goodnight..

The "little girl" 'Mary' is one of the older members of the group.