Jolly Good Fun

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle during November, 1987.

Hellos everybody.

I's found it difficult tonight to come through, I think you's been talking so much and you's all being so serious and you mustn't be so serious 'cause you's got to have the, what you calls it, jolly good fun.

You's coming up to the Christmas time and that's when you will have the fun, we knows, and often when we comes down to the earth plane at the Christmas time then we looks in on the families and we try to make the children happy, sometimes the children gets so very very tired and the mothers do not realize thats they's got tireds and that they ought to go to beds. Sometimes they gets cross and then they breaks the things that they's had in their stockings and then there's more tears. We sees that sometimes but we do not like that, that's when we comes into the family and tries to cheer them ups and makes them happys again, huum, and there's, what you calls it, lots of the magic round about the Christmas time and you finds that there will be the peoples, some of the peoples that say's they don't like Christmas, but when it comes they likes it and now you's all ables to join in the Christmas, if you's alone then you's got the Christmas coming on the, what you calls it, the television. When I was on the earth plane the Christmas was very, very solemn 'cause we's got to go to the Church in the morning and then we's got to goes again in the afternoon and then we's got to goes again in the evening, it's so different nowadays from what it was when I was on the earth plane.

Now I comes to the earth plane to see the things that's happening and I thinks back to when I was on the earth plane and I see the difference that there is in lots and lots of ways. In some ways, ooh, the world is not the same as it was when I was a little girl because the things they's all altered, you's had the, what you calls it, the two world wars and you's found lots and lots of things thats we didn't know anythings about, but when I got to the Spirit World then I begins to see all the things and the things that you's getting to knows nowadays they's the things that I knew when I first went to the Spirit World. I's getting mix-muddled-up, and that's not the right things for me to does, but it's a job to find the words to say what I thinks and what I feels, but I's very very happy to be in the Circle here and I's wants to gives you all my love and I wants to tell you thats the things are, ooh, when the Medi gets the words, God is working His purpose out as year succeeds to year, that's what you got to thinks.

We knows that there's lots of things on the earth plane that you do not like and when you's a little bit down you thinks, Ooh, it's a dreadful world and you hopes that you will never see it again when you leaves it and you think that the world will be comings to an ends but we tells you that you only knows the bad things, you do not know the good things that happens, we goes round and we sees the good things as well as the bad things, we knows that the world will not come to an ends and there will not be, what you calls it, the dev-ast-ation that sometimes you thinks that there will be.

We thinks thats it's very good for your world thats peoples are beginning to realize that there's got to be the changes and there's got to be, ooh, I knows not that word, con-trols, because you cannot goes on using up all the resources of the world because if you do that you will find that there will not be the world, but it will not happen, that's what we tells you. You's got to be, ooh, I knows not that word, op-ti-mis-tic, but we knows that it will be very very difficult but, ooh, we's said this lots of times, oh well we's says it again, you's got to give the good news, you's not got to pass on the bad news all the time like your papers and television and wireless does, they picks up all the bad news and they tells everybodys thats everythings bad and everythings going to get worse. We tells you that it will not get the worse, it will be a little while yet before the things start getting better but the fact that the peoples begins to understand, thats is a good sign and that's what will grows and that's why we tells you thats the things will improve.

Huum, I's giving quite a talk aren't I? It's like I were a, what you calls it, a professor to give the lecture to the peoples but you not argue back, one days we is going to let you ask the questions and then we will does our best to answer them, but I's got to let my Medi realize that they (the guides) will be ables to do that through her, she does not thinks that they can at the moment, she's still got the little doubts in the mind and that's stupid because she knows that we comes and when we comes, although we uses what's in the mind we puts our own interpretation on it, humph, It will not be very long before she does and we wants to says to the, what you calls him, the Brian thats he's got to lets his other guides come throughs and speaks because they wants to talks as well and he's got to do the work, and for the gentleman [John] yous thinks thats you's not getting anything, and you's not doing anythings but you's doing very, very good work and there will be your, what you calls him, the monk, there will be the monk that will comes and speaks and we wants you to lets him speaks, we wants you to, what you calls it, to start saying the first few words that comes into your mind and then he will carry on from that, that's the way. {Brother} Simon is going to let you know, ha ha, you sees him and you do not think that you sees him, but you does, and you feels him.

For the lady, [Niki] we want's to tells you that you will be doing the work later on but you knows that you's chosen to have the little baby and when yous had the little baby thats will be the most important thing for the first few years. When the baby, what you calls it, no, you will not have to wait until the baby grows up, before you has the time to do the things, you will find that you will be working for Spirit when the baby gets a little bit towards growing up, you follow? (Yes I do.) We try to puts it into words, they says when the baby's "off hand", but that's not the right words. We do not like that because off hand means that you do not care and that will not be the right things to does; so that's what we tells you.

For the lady there (Margaret) we wants to tells you that we's trying to help with the back trouble and we knows that you's very much better and you must not think that because you's not picking up the things that you's not working for Spirit because the work that you's doing with the children is very, very important, [Margaret and her husband run a school] you's giving them the standards and that's what they will need through all their lives, it's most important that you gives that good standards and that's what you's able to does.

For the other lady you's beginning to see the things, ha ha, you sees lots more than you says and you sees the things at home, we knows, ha ha, we knows that you's making some contact with the Spirit and thats it will give you very very great happiness, ha ha, we knows. There's lots of things that we knows but some things we's not able to says at the moment.

So now I just says goodnight and God bless you all.

God bless you.