Let Them Come Through

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle during 1988.

Hellos everybodys.

Long time since I's been to the Circle but I wanted to come tonight just to says hellos to yous all and I wants to says how glad we are that there is the little one at last [Niki's first baby has arrived] for it's been in the minds of everybody for such a long time, but now it's here and it's going to be, oh, what you call him, ho ho, they are telling me he's going to be a mischievous tinker, that's a new word to me 'cause I did not know that word before, but we's very pleased that the things going along alrights, so that is what we wants you to pass on to the lady. [Niki was not there]

We wants to says hello to the lady and the gentleman [Brian and Paula] and we knows that when you comes to the Circle yous brings with you lots of the Guides that's the peoples that's going to speak through you, we wants to tells you that you's not hold back, you know that you do hold backs, you do not let the things comes through, so we wants both of you, not at the same times of course, but one after the other, to lets the peoples speak through yous. You will be surprised with what comes, so that's what we tells you.

We wants to says to the little lady [Mary] thats we's very pleased thats you's feeling so much better but we wants to tells her that she's still got to be careful, you knows that don't you, you's tolds thats often enough, you's told it from Spirit and you's told it from the peoples on the earth plane who loves you and we wants you to be careful, so you watch out.

For the gentleman, ooh, we always thinks of him as the gentleman with the organ, ha ha, they's the things that's in the church, makes a big noise when you presses all the notes at the same time, we knows, and sometimes you plays the things that makes, oh, a nasty noise, humph, we knows, and you's got to be's, you's got to,, ooh, what's you wants to says, thats you's got to twiddle the knobs, ha, we knows, ah, we's getting very very good with all the things that's all strange to us 'cause when we was,, we?,, I, humph, any rate when I was on the earth plane I's knows nothings about the things like thats but now that I's in the Spirit and I's come backs and links with yous then I knows the things that you do'es and the things that you works with.

We wants to say to the little lady in the corner, [Magaret] we wants to tells you that you's going to have a nice surprise and it will be very very good for yous and for your, your, what you calls him, the husband and there will be lots of the rejoicing and there will be the things that you did not thinks could possibly happen, but they will, and we's very, very pleased, that's what we wants to tells you.

For the other lady, she sits there very very quiet [Edith] but we knows thats there's lots of things taking place round her and we wants to tells you thats the things will works out alrights, you must not worry too much about the other people, but you's worried about the gentleman, we knows, but he's got to realize that he's not quites so young as he used to be but he does not like to admit it, but he's got to take care, so you tells him. You will keep him in order, that's what they says.

Oh, it's funny to be in the Circle again and we wants you [Brian] to know that there will be the, what you calls him, the Chang that is going to lets, no, the other way round, you's got to lets him comes through and then he will give the, the, phil-, oh, that's a long word, phi-los-o-phy and he will give the good advice, so you gots to lets him comes through, you feels him coming and then you holds back, we knows, ha ha, there will be the things thats, oh there's lots of the things that's goings on in the Circle and sometimes they comes throughs and sometimes they has to stay the other side and they not like staying the other side because when they cannot get through then they feels it's a, what you calls it, a waste of time, humph, so you's got to lets them come through and speaks when you feels them, humm. You will find that they will be, they will talks, you's afraid that you will not gets anything, you will be, ooh, what's I want to say, you's afraid that when the Guide starts talking that he will not have anything so say, but there's lots of things that they can comes through and say, they will be very very good for the Circle and they's good for yous as well, so we wants you to let them come, humm, that's what we tells you.

Oh oh, the little lady, [Mary] we wants to tells you that there was the little children round you and you knows that when you's in the sleep state you do'es lots of things with the little ones because you's little and they likes it 'cause they's ables to contact you easily, you gives them lots and lots of help. Sometimes when the little ones comes over to Spirit and they's not had a happy time while they were on the earth plane theys brings thats sadness with them when they comes to Spirit and it takes time for them to knows that theys can be happy, but if they contact you then they's able to, you's able to gives them the con-fi-dence to be happy, you follow? So we wants to says thank you for what you do, you do not always know what you do but sometimes when you wakes up in the morning you thinks you's only had a little bit of sleep and you thinks that you couldn't possibly have done any work, but it's not the times that you's asleep it's what you do'es when you's asleep. So we wants to, what you calls it, encourage you and tells you that there's lots of things that you do do although you don't knows it, humph, so that's what we wants to says to yous.

Ooh, I's been all round the Circle and I wants to says that we's looking after the baby [Niki's] and we's trying to looks after the mother but that's more difficult than looking after the baby, so that's what we wants to says.

So now we just wants to says to yous all that in your Circle yous knows you's doing a good work and we's very very happy, we's very very pleased and we knows that you will carry on. That's the most important thing. There's lots of the peoples they starts up a Circle and they meets for a little whiles and because they do not get all the things that they expect immediately then they leaves off doing it, but it's important to carry on right the way through, whether you gets lots of things of whether you gets no things, because while you's sending out the thoughts you's helping in the Spirit World and you's also helpings on the earth plane so that's what your thoughts do, they helps both Spirit and the earth plane.

I must go now 'cause my Medi's voice getting very, very funny, I can feel that. So I will says goodnights and God bless you all, God bless all the peoples thats you loves and God bless all the peoples that you don't love.

Goodnight, goodnight.