Imagination, Brickwalls, Healing and Platform Work

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle during March,1988

Hellos everybodys

Oh, it's nice to come back into the Circle again and says hallos to yous alls and we knows that you's been doing all sorts of the things while we's not been here. Some of the things they's very very good and some of the things they's not quite as good as they should be. You's got to forgets yourself and you's got to rely on what comes to you, you must not think that it's all your, what you calls it, your 'magination.

It's a funny thing, 'cause there's all the things that you says that you 'magine and they's not the things at all, they's the things that comes to you from the Spirit and you (Brian) did not think that you would be able to write did you? (Brian had been having a go at automatic writing as requested by Chang) We knows, but there's the things that they will be saying and they will be writings through yous but you must not use it too much, you knows that don't you? You's got to be careful and when you do's it at home you's got to, what you calls it, says the prayer first just to make sure that the things all right, we knows that. Your lady (Paula) will look after you so that you do not do the things too much, that's what we says. Humph!

Oh, it's funny to be in the Circle again and we knows the little lady there (Mary) she's feeling very very tired, we knows, but she's going to do the work all the same, you follow? You knows that the thoughts that yous sends out they has lots of effects, some of the effects you sees and some of them you don't sees, you do not know what is going to happen do you? Humph. You's been worried about somebody else, haven't you? Humph! We knows and you's got to learn to, oh, what's they say, you's got to accept what comes to yous and knows that it will be's for the benefit of your spirit, you follow? (Yes said Mary) Yous must not minds that you's not able to do all the things that you were's able to do, humph, that's what my Medi finds too, that she's not able to do the things that she was able to do's all the time, but you's got to remember that you's on the earth plane and so the body is of the Earth and the body it gets tired and it gets a bit worn out and it's not always able to follows the things and that goes for the other lady too. We knows that you finds it difficult but you's got to knows what you can do's and do what you cans, you follow? (Yes) You must try not to do too much.

For the gentleman there, (John) he says he's got a brick wall. 'Course he's got a brick wall, he's got a, what you calls it, he wants to find out too much. He's not taking the things as they comes and he's always trying to get all the reasons and all the things behinds and he's got to learn to accept the things that comes from Spirit and not query quite so much. Hu! That's difficult to say: quite, query, query, quite, ha ha, I's managing it.

For the lady there. (Paula) Oh she gets a telling off from the Spirit because she does not do all the things that she should do's; but we knows that you's going to trys to let the Spirit speak through you because you should be doings the, what you calls it, the platform work and you's been told that many many times and you does not think that you will be ables to, but we says, yes, you will be ables to and you will be quite surprised at what comes. They says it's like the plunging into the water, you thinks that you can't and then you do's it the once and then you finds it will be much easier, humph, so that's what we says to yous.

For the lady there (Edith) we knows that you's been worried and we knows that you has the things to be concerned about but we wants to says to yous that we's going to looks after yous and gives you the help. You knows that the gentleman from Spirit comes very very close to yous and you sees him and he tells you what to do, doesn't he? (Yes) Sometimes you do's it and sometimes you do's not, ah, but you's got to listen for him because he's coming very very close to yous and he will be coming even closer, ha ha, that's what we tells you.

For the gentleman, (Brian) he's got the writing. Ho, ho! He's going to have the things quite surprising, humph, we wants to tells you that you's got to be the little bit hard because you's been a little bit too soft, you's letting somebody walks over yous and you's got to stand your own ground, you follow? (Yes) You must not do the things that's going to interfere with the work that you wants to do for Spirit. We wants you to do the healing, not only in the Circle here but we wants you to start doing it outsides as well, you will find that you will be ables to's. Ha ha, somebody saying when you starts you always wants to says can you give somebody with the pain the massage, they will take the massage where they will not take the Spirit Healing and through the massage you will be able to give the Spirit Healing and the big guide (Raoul) that's there with you for the healing he will be able to do lots of things, so we just wants you to remember that. (Thank you very much.)

For the lady there (Margaret) we wants to tells you that you will finds that you cannot do quite so much as you used to but you will still be able to do what you wants, but you's got to looks after the body because the body is what carries the spirit and you cannot use the spirit on the earth plane without the body, you knows that. It's much more difficult when you's out of the body to influence the peoples and to let them knows that you's still here, it's much easier when you's in the body to do thats. So you just remember that.

Oh, I's giving you all, what you calls it, a ticking off but we knows that in the Circle you's got lots of love and you give out lots of help and you do help the peoples in what you calls the grey places; the peoples that not knows where they are. As well as the people in the grey places we wants you to send the thoughts to the little ones that's not had any time on the earth plane; that's gone back to the Spirit before they's knows anything about life on the earth plane.

Sometimes it is necessary for them to touch the Earth and sometimes it is because of the peoples on the Earth plane that they go to Spirit before they ought to and then they's got to comes back some other time to do what they wanted to do this time, you follow? (Yes.) So we wants you to sends out the thoughts to the little ones. (aside to Mary) You always sees the little ones, we knows, and you plays with them don't you? Ha ha; because when you's in the sleep state then you comes to the Spirit side of your life and you's able to see the peoples there.

Oh, I's giving quite a long talk today, so I must not stay any longer. So I just says to all of you goodnight and God bless you and God bless all the peoples that you loves and God bless the peoples that you don't love and God bless the families and God bless all the peoples from the other sides that been with you in the Circle, even though you did not see them, they was all here.

So we says goodnight and God bless you.